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Revive Your Bath

These days, I feel like handcrafted soap is as plentiful as candles are. With so much to choose from, you never quite know which new products to try. Well I tried Revive Your Bath soaps and now I'm an avid fan...and customer. As these products make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday, I thought it would be a good time to share. 

Caitlin Abshier is an entrepreneur at heart, as she started this business when she was still in high school. Her mom had given her a soap making kit for Christmas and as fate would have it, she found her passion. She continued to cultivate her craft and grow her business in college, selling soaps and bath products at local markets on the weekends. She graduated without any student debt and with that kind of determination, who knows what's in store for her next. Hard work pays off. 

Of all the products I tried of Caitlin's, I'm partial to the loofah soap. I absolutely love this soap, which has an actual section of a loofah embedded. It's an excellent exfoliater, and paired with Caitlin's soaps, which are made from vegetable based oils without any harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens or synthetics, it's a quick favorite in any tub. 

As the holidays are coming up, Caitlin is offering some great gift sets. The Soap Slice Gift Set is a mix of 4 different scented soaps so you can figure out your favorite- which may likely be the popular Peppermint Rosemary and Lemon or Vanilla and Lavender. Plus, I just discovered on her site that she sells Soap Misfits from $3-$4.60 each- which are soaps that are perfectly fine but may not be aesthetically ready for prime time. I'm all over that... 

When I visited their office and workspace in Atlanta, Cara Causey of Revive was there making a fresh batch of their Lavender Milk and Oatmeal Bath Soak. This soak is meant to soothe as it's made with buttermilk powder, colloidal oatmeal, lavender and lavender essential oil. As it's a somewhat chilly night right now in Atlanta as I write this, and I've worked the past two weeks without a day off, I'm wishing I had some of this right about now...

I really can't say enough good things about the Revive brand. I have a few new soaps stacked in my bathroom right now, at the ready, but as each bar can last up to a month, I know they'll each have to wait their turn. Click here to peruse the shop and my recommendation- try the loofah soap for your stocking stuffer gifts. The best! 


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Basil + Bergamot

The last time I visited HollyBeth Anderson in her studio workshop, she had just finished concocting a new product for her ever expanding USDA Organic skincare line, HollyBeth Organics. Her latest endeavor combines basil and bergamot essential oils with camellia and sunflower base oils to create a luxurious hand wash and body lotion. I'm blogging about it because I just can't get enough of it. I'm addicted. 

Bergamot isn't widely known in the U.S. but it's a fragrant fruit about the size of an orange. The fruit can be found growing in France, Italy and Turkey and many use it for its essential oil or to make marmalade. It's antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, making it a popular skincare choice. Bergamot also helps to open the heart chakra and uplift the mind. 

Basil is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It's also soothing to the skin and full of antioxidants to replenish and protect. As the bergamot uplifts the spirit, basil helps bring spiritual clarity, which makes it a really good way to start your day.

I just can't say enough good things about it. HollyBeth Organics is the only USDA Certified Organic skincare company in Georgia and there truly is an incredible benefit in using only organic oils on your face and body. Once you start, you can't go back. 

I love this pic of HollyBeth in her lovely backyard garden. She lives and breathes an organic, healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Always an inspiration... Find her Basil Bergamot goodness, here. And explore HollyBeth's online shop to find lots of skincare options that will make you an addict. But in the best way possible. 


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Waxing Kara

When I saw these honey lollipops dipped in dark chocolate, all I wanted to do was order a case of them. These tasty treats are the brainchild of Kara Brook who started beekeeping as a way to make beeswax for her encaustic paintings. (encaustic paint is made with beeswax, damar resin and pigment) Soon, however, she stumbled upon something quite unexpected. Kara, "In the process, I made the serendipitous discovery that honey is a much more precious gift from bees than wax." 

Kara now creates a bevy of natural products from her bees at Chesterhaven Beach Farm along Maryland's Eastern Shore. A true artist at heart, she finds deep satisfaction in keeping her bees happy and healthy. As we all know, without bees, we as a civilization cannot sustain our own agriculture. Kara, "It is my hope that you feel the expansive energy of life in the bees, sun and the waves instilling within Waxing Kara products." Above, are her wildly popular Honey and Lavender Pops.

Her honey looks and sounds divine. This year's Spring honey has notes of apple, pear, black locust, lavender, tulip poplar, wild blueberry and blackberry, clover, tupelo and wildflowers. The black locust tree is native to eastern North America and this past year it was in full bloom, filling the air with a sweet scent. This made for a bold and fragrant honey that goes beautifully with greek yogurt or bold cheeses. 

Kara loves the Orange Blossom honey mixed with butter on hot cornbread. It also pairs well as a syrup for pancakes or combined with a dark chocolate dessert. The Field of Wildflower honey is an excellent daily honey with a mild floral flavor and a strong, earthy finish. 

As honey is so good for the skin, Kara has also created a Honey Body Scrub and Body Butter. The Scrub is used for exfoliation to reduce signs of aging and brighten the skin texture while the Butter provides lavender scented moisture for up to 24 hours. So much goodness...learn more about her line of face and body products, here

Kara appears as busy as her bees as she also offers six different honey soap options- some with lavender or citrus blends, others with oatmeal or clove and cinnamon. 

I loved learning about Kara and her bees and especially how her love for painting has helped her recognize a new passion for honey and beekeeping. She's helping the planet, fulfilling a real passion and we all reap the benefits. It's safe to say I will be a loyal customer. First things first, I'm ordering some Honey Pops...  


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Duke Cannon

While traveling recently, I saw a cool shop with stacks of Duke Cannon soap in the window. When I saw that this "Big Ass Brick of Soap" derived from Memphis, Tennessee, I knew I had to investigate further...

The guys over at Duke Cannon know their target group. This soap is strictly for manly men. As they state on their packaging, the soap "meets the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories." Then of course, is the man wants that. 



This is a big ass brick of soap-  actually 3x the size of most soaps you'll find.  

The big brick is modeled after the soap used by GIs during the Korean War and manufactured in the same plant that made military soap for over 20 years. 

Quite simply, the soap has one function, to get you clean. Nothing less, nothing more. So if you're in the need of feeling more manly and just want to get the job done, grab a bar of Duke Cannon. Easy. 


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