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Philip Juras

In search of more artwork for my home, I had to take a moment to admire the work of painter, Philip Juras of Athens, Georgia. I spied his work on my friend Nan's Instagram account the other day... 

What I love most about Philip Juras' work is that the majority of it showcases my favorite place on earth- Little St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Through my work at TBS, I've been so fortunate to visit this magical, private island a multitude of times. Whatever the reason, (which I gather has a lot to do with how protected and untouched this southern wilderness is) I feel nothing but happiness when I set my feet here- and I get the feeling Philip feels the same way. 

As shared on his site, "Philip focuses primarily on remnant natural landscapes that offer a glimpse of the Southeast before European settlement." Through my dozens of hikes with friend, Kathryn Kolb, I've come to learn first hand how special and fragile our Southern ecosystem is artists like Philip (and Kathryn) who remind us why it's so vital to stand up and protect it. 

See more of the lovely, southern inspired work of Philip Juras, here.


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Hayley Gaberlavage, landscape and portraiture

I have a bit of a crazed day today so I need to keep today's post short and sweet...but inspiring. So I chose one of my favorite artists, Hayley Gaberlavage of New Orleans. I knew she did amazing portraiture, but just realized this morning she also paints landscapes. I particularly like this one because it reminds me of the years I lived in Hermosa Beach. Busy streets, lots of beach houses stacked side by side yet always a palm tree every time you look up....

Hayley aptly describes her paintings as contemporary, humorous and slightly Southern. To see more of her work in both landscape and portraiture, click here.



Urns & Finials

Catherine Jones goes with the flow. With no formal training, she follows her intuition and lets her art emerge at will, without force or fury. With time, her pieces have evolved into impressive works of art. I particularly love her urns and finials...

Growing up in Albany, Georgia, Catherine now calls Birmingham, Alabama her home. Endlessly influenced by life in the South, Catherine shares, "The South exudes a winning combination of laid back elegance...I am constantly flirting with the fine line of bold simplicity. That contradiction intrigues me to no end and I strive to find the perfect balance between the two." 



Betsy Eby

As I slowly upgrade my house, the one area I wish to improve upon is art. I'm saving up for an Ashley Woodson Bailey print and then I think I need to seriously consider this pretty piece- from Columbus, Georgia based artist, Betsy Eby. 

I loved reading that Betsy is a classically trained pianist. As stated on her site, "The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature." This makes me think of my dear artist friend, Kathryn Kolb who believes any photograph or piece of art that 'works' also works mathematically. For at the heart of both mother nature and music, is math. 

Betsy's encaustic paintings call upon an ancient method that utilizes heated wax, resin and pigment, all of which are applied thinly with various brushes and tools. The blowtorch liquifies the wax and fuses each layer. She's such a talented one. I look forward to the day I can hang her art in my home...I shall believe it be. 


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Kristen Solecki

As I write this early morning, I am getting ready to drive to Charleston, South Carolina to attend the Southern Summit. It's a three day conference to meet and mingle with some southern creatives. It's also a chance for me to see my cousin, walk my favorite streets and buy more Produce Candles. Plus, I could use a heaping dose of southern Charleston charm, which is captured so perfectly in these lovely paintings by local artist, Kristen Solecki.

Kristen's original artwork captures the mood and beauty of this historical city. Kristen, "When I first moved to Charleston, the architecture and color are what inspired me most. There are tons of tiny, beautiful details on the buildings downtown that even when you walk by them constantly, you can always notice something new. Everything has a story and that in itself is inspiring." 

Kristen recently moved from Charleston to nearby Johns Island. Kristen, "Moving there has influenced my work in a new way where the natural elements of water and huge spanish oaks and full trees not only inspire work but also make a perfect environment for creating work." 

Whenever I walk the streets of Charleston, I can't help but notice the architecture, the color, the details, the people. It's a vibrant, inviting city. As Kristen shared, "I create images based off of small moments and stories using strong line work and bold color using acrylics and ink." She captures the beauty and the fun of Charleston and it's actually making me excited to take this five hour long drive right now. Thank you Kristen! See the entirety of her current artwork collection, here.

To see a bit of my trip to the Southern Summit conference and my time in and around Charleston, be sure to follow Sweet Peach on Instagram...


 Illustrations: Kristen Solecki       Photos: Faith Briley       Content: Sweet Peach


Eclectica Kiddo

If you live in Atlanta, you may have stepped inside Seed Factory, one of the loveliest and inspirational kid shops you'll find. And if you look along the walls, you'll notice some artwork that is hard not to fall madly in love with. All the pieces are commissioned and curated by Atlanta based company, Eclectica Kiddo. 

Laura Liatis and Emily Mann have combined their talents to provide the most scrumptious children's decor. Laura, "We are always looking for artists with a unique take on children's art." She added, "We want the imagery to be appealing to both children and design-minded parents: to be on trend without being trendy and cute without being cutesy." I believe that is exactly what they have accomplished. 

Ekaterina Trukhan, an artist originally from Russia who now resides in London, has built her career on children's artwok. Her cheery, playful images are just the sweetest, don't you think? 

Laura and Emily find artists that they want to work with, then challenge them with the task to create images just for children. Many of their artists (except Ekaterina) have never created artwork specifically for children before so together they guide the artist through the process. Kelsey Garrity Riley spent her childhood in Europe but relocated to the US to study at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. As shared on the site, "Her beautiful watercolor images have a vintage feel with a unique contemporary twist." 

Teagan White has my heart as her work displays her deep affection for the natural world. Laura and Emily loved these images and decided to display them on birch panels, which is a lovely complement to the style and intention of Teagan's work. 

Atlanta based artist, Justine Rubin incorporated her love of collage and poppy colors to create this adorable series of animals for Eclectica Kiddo. This is Justine's first collection of published children's artwork. 

These days, I'm loving vivid color in design which is why I'm head over heels for the work of Abbey Rhodes. As stated on the site, "Abbey's work shows his appreciation for folk art and simplicity in design and pattern." Mr. Cat or Mr. Dog are available in bright blue, green, orange or yellow. 

Laura, "I absolutely love watching the imagery evolve from a conversation with our artist to a sketch, to a inked drawing, to a final image." While Laura, (seated to the right of Emily) brings a long career on the business side of art and art production to help run the operational side, Emily, an artist herself, is integral in the creative and collaboration process. Together, with a strong love for the arts, they make a perfect match. I loved that they saw a niche in the market and filled it with something sweet and cheery- and beautifully designed! Bravo...


Photos: Eclectica Kiddo site     Content: Sweet Peach


Clair Hartmann

I've been out of town a few weeks now on a job and I must admit, I miss my pups. These beautiful paintings of dogs by Clair Hartmann caught my eye today and I can't help but want to share...

Clair grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and is now based in Wilmington, North Carolina. She started painting regularly in 2008 after learning about a project started by painter, Duane Keiser. His idea was to produce one painting every day which would improve his artistic skills (not to mention his bank account). Inspired by all the dogs she saw at the local Farmer's Market where she worked each weekend- many of which were rescues with some incredible stories- she decided to paint their portraits. She loved the fact that each dog (and painting) had a story to tell. 

Besides painting all that inspires her each day, Clair is available for custom portraiture as well. This Great Dane is kind of amazing, don't you think? 

See Claire's current collection of paintings, which includes abstracts, landscapes and much more, here. 


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Abby Kasonik

When I first set my eyes on this painting, I was transfixed by its beauty and complexity and wanted to know more about the artist. Her name is Abby Kasonik and she's from Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Abby creates the most beautiful paintings that have a calm, dreamlike quality. As she is drawn to water, her images are dominated by clouds, weather and landscapes that demand your attention, then lure you into a meditative state if you're not careful. 

To achieve such layered, contemplative pieces, Abby builds her surfaces by alternating layers of acrylic paint and a glaze of clear pigment. Between layers, she adds water much like an eraser to form clouds, trees, mountains and landscapes. For the final step, she sprays water in a pattern of even lines that run down the canvas. She then seals it with a glaze coat. 

Her work is so good, I want to know more about her- the inspiration, the process for each and every piece. Perhaps someday...for now, I'm stuck staring into the endless expanse of space in each painting, feeling much admiration and respect. If you're sucked in like me, click here to see which of Abby's pieces are currently available. 


Photos: Southern Living     Content: Sweet Peach


Lisa Haddad

I love an art piece that takes you on a mini exploration. You enter into this other world, you feel a certain emotion, your eye is drawn to a certain path, you question what it all may mean... which is what I do each time I look at a painting by Lisa Haddad of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lisa, "These paintings begin as play- just combining colors the way I did as a child, for fun. Only after settling on the full palette do I start to paint onto the loose, unstretched canvas. Some compositions become tight arrays of shapes, but in the others, shapes fall apart into more chaotic relationships with each other." 

Lisa's impressive collage and mixed media work took shape as a child, when her mother would hand her packagings and pieces of cardboard and ask her to make something out of it. Lisa, "I believed that anything could be viewed or assembled artistically." 

Peruse all of Lisa's mixed media creations, here... and happy exploring. 


Paintings: Lisa Haddad      Content: Sweet Peach


Katherine Sandoz

Katherine Sandoz resides in Vernonburg, Georgia, about 10 miles south of Savannah. It is here, along the lush, meandering Southern coastline, that she finds inspiration for her abstract paintings- from flowers and trees to all manner of shapes, colors and textures that speak to her everyday life. 

Katherine often begins by taking photos of objects, landscapes or people that inspire. As she shares, "I paint a series of small detailed works from a selected grouping of my photo library. With old magazines, I might make quick collage studies to begin to understand and see the location in a more abstract manner. Then I will start another more abstract series working from both the detailed works and the collages." 

Acrylics and water based media are Katherine's go-to tools but she is open to using fabric, paper, found objects, oil and water colors as well. Katherine, "The media itself tells a story so it's important for me to use materials that are on concept." 

Color choice is obviously a big part of Katherine's process as well. As she shared, "I'm concerned with its temperature, its saturation, its proximity to other colors, shapes and textures." 

Many of Katherine's paintings feel wholly Southern to me. When I asked her what she loved about the South, she made me smile wide with her varied yet visual list; "Southern writers, story telling, little boats in back rivers and swamps, Cajun and Zydeco music, dirt and 'shell' roads lined with trees of any kind, camellias...

...women who have one set of silver buried in their back or front yard, men who stand up at tables and open doors, 'yes m'aam'..." I concur on all counts, adding one more thing to love about the South... artists like Katherine. See all of her lovely, inspiring work here.