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At Home during the Holiday...Read a Book

It's that time of year where I get on a plane and head north to be with family. There are many reasons I enjoy this time of year but one of my favorite parts is how I allow myself to have a lot of couch time and read a book. This Christmas, I'm all about Deep South, the latest by my favorite author, Paul Theroux. It's a non fictional account of his time spent in the South- from South Carolina to Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas, as he visits the same small towns throughout four seasons. As I look forward to delving into Paul's latest travels, I asked my friend Nan Myers of Thomasville, Georgia what her favorite books have been this year. If you ever had the pleasure of visiting her lovely shop, Firefly, you already know she always has a stellar book selection. Here are her favorites of 2015... Thank you Nan, they're all so good! 

Eat by Nigel Slater; Habitat by Lauren Liess; Once in a Lifetime by Gestalten Books; Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart; The Shopkeepers by Gestalten Books; Winter Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacasa; The Monocle Guide to Better Living, Good Business, Cosy Homes; Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta; A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote; The Night Before Christmas by Roger Duvoisin; Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark; Holly Hobbie's The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore. 


Paul Theroux image: Elizabeth Cecil for the Wall Street Journal    Content: Sweet Peach



Holiday Peach Picks: Nan Myers

The best benefit of having this Southern design blog are the people I meet. I have made many friends over the last four and a half years through Sweet Peach that I will cherish for a lifetime. Like Nan Myers of Thomasville, Georgia. Owner of Firefly, one of my favorite shops, Nan is as cool and unassuming and wonderful as they come. An eye for great design, she thrives on travel and adventure and loves to be outdoors surrounded (and inspired) by mother are just as likely to find her at her lovely shop as you are in the corner of a restaurant reading a good book. She's a true champion of the South who can organize stunning Southern supper clubs or design and plan a jaw dropping, beautiful wedding, like this one, featured in Garden & Gun. I do this blog because of the artists that continue to inspire me. So here are Nan's Holiday Peach Picks that will most certainly inspire you...

1. Unicorn Horn, $20. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. This horn is 5" tall and 1.5" wide at the base. A thin elastic headband is sewn onto the base of the horn which is perfect for the very active unicorn. It is super cute and guaranteed to turns heads as you trot down the street. 

2. Lovelane Capes, Crowns, Hats and Cuffs, from $24. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Lovelane! We are smitten with these adorable Super Hero accessories created in Savannah, Georgia by Lane Huerta. I've been known to rock the tiger cuffs during shop hours. They make me wrap better :) 

3. Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears, $20. I remember vividly when my sister, who was 13 at the time, came back from visiting friends in Germany. She brought back Lacoste sweat bands, metallic blue heart shaped sunglasses, a record of some fabulous, strange band called The Police (Zenyatta Mondatta) and gummy bears. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I still love gummy bears and to find these, made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne?! How fun is that? We are carrying a range of Sugarfina's products as we think the whole line is pretty darn sweet. 

4. Plumdog, $16.99. This book by Emma Chichester Clark makes me want to move to London so that my Bleu girl (black lab) can be BFF's with Plum. This is a collection of Plum and Emma's daily doings told through Plum's eyes and Emma's charming illustrations. I had to limit how much I would read each night, which was an extreme exercise in willpower. 

5. Betsy Olmsted's tea towels, $26. These tea towels are the perfect gift for the hostess, a friend or for yourself! Printed to look hand painted, Betsy Olmsted's textiles start from her original watercolor and gouache designs. Printed and finished in the USA. 

6. Antler Slice earrings, $86. Artist, Megan Proctor, who is originally from my neck of the woods, now resides in Charleston, South Carolina. She creates nature inspired jewelry kicked up a handsome notch or two. Her pieces are stunning and so easy to wear. These antler sliced earrings are just a teaser of her beautiful line. 

7. Wood necklace, $46. I love the simplistic nature inspired pieces created by Georgia artist, Courtney Weil. Her jewelry is a winner winner chicken dinner with my teens. 

8. We Took to the Woods Candle, from $42. I met Mary and her family this summer at the Atlanta AmericasMart and later visited their lovely store in Greenville, South Carolina on my way to the mountains. I love their genuine Americana style and they are as nice as the day is long. Enclosed in tartan containers with wonderful scent options, these candles are a perfect fit for Firefly. We immediately sold out of our exclusive "Walk in the Piney Woods" and Three Wood Shirts, pictured here, is also a personal favorite. 

9. Scottish Wool Carpet bags, from $118. I am a Scot-Irish 6th generation T'villian who loves some tartan. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find these Scottish wool carpet bags. We have a nice assortment at our brick and mortar store so call and we will be glad to text you some options. We stock them in both medium and large. 

10. Porcupine necklace, $15. Another beauty by Courtney Weil...every necklace is a genuine porcupine spike collected at a local farm, as the quills naturally fall off on their own. 


Illustration: Sarah Neuburger, The Small Object 


We Took to the Woods

When my friend Nan of Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia speaks highly of a new product in her shop, I listen. She has superior taste. Which is why I can't wait to try one of these We Took to the Woods candles, per her suggestion. They're earthy and cozy- perfect for today actually. It's the first day of fall. 

We Took to the Woods is a wonderful home decor shop in Greenville, South Carolina. Their latest foray into candles has been a success. The Alpine Cottage candle is described as flowers blooming by the steps of the porch, with tea rose in the air and In the Glen is reminscent of freshly chopped logs by the cabin with cedarwood and pine predominant. I think I need to try Meet Me in the Meadow as fig, bergamot, white tea leaves, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and sandlewood are mixed for a lovely, fresh scent. See the entire candle line, available in glass or bark containers, here. And enjoy the first day of fall, y'all...



Peach Picks: Nan Myers

There's something about the deep South that is a bit more distinctive, wild, beautiful. And Nan Myers, owner of one of my favorite shops, Firefly (of Thomasville, GA), has her pulse on it all. Her holiday Peach Picks this year are particularly good. All are centered on high quality products that are also stylish and wholly southern. I'm in love with each and every one...Thank you Nan! 

Nan: I love the IDEA of entertaining, but for the most part it is not very realistic during the holidays. However, I will embrace it next weekend when I have 10 adults and 8 kiddos coming over for Sunday brunch. I will be using these cloth napkins (from $12 a bundle), some festive owl placemats, $29,  and all of my R. Wood pottery, from $22. I will also cheat a little with heating up some yummy Callie's Biscuits, $40. 

Animal Coat, from $140. Artist, Marty Goodall, a stay at home mother at the time, was frustrated when her two year old son refused to wear the hoods on his coats. Searching for a creative solution, she designed and made the original Ferocious Felt Lion coat to inspire him to put his hood up in the cold. Friends commented, orders were placed and Little Goodall was born. Yes, she does make adult jackets and yes, I got a Fox one for myself.

Message Booklet, $12. Sideshow Press/StitchDesign Group is a daring little letterpress factory and design studio based in Charleston, SC, with an extensive line of clever gift items ranging from all things letterpress to horseshoe cocktail picks. These little pads of 25 calling cards come in a range of sayings. Love You More and A Little Happy are my absolute favorites. 

JJ's Knife Kit, $9.95. Gene Jameson first made his son JJ a wooden pocket knife back in 2008. He quickly realized not only the appeal of a wooden pocket itself, but the process of crafting it. Shortly thereafter, JJ's Knife Kits were born. As a mother of two stinky boys, I can't wait to put these in their stockings. 

L Pax Mary Janes, $42. One of my sweet assistants asked me one day if I would be interested in seeing some shoes that her friend Lauren was making. "Sure" was my response. Well, minutes later Lauren and her baby strolled right in and her first 'real' order was placed and a children's brand was born. If interested, please call the store, as we have a large inventory with multiple choices. Firefly 229.226.6363

Blackberry Patch Syrups, $6.99. These syrups are locally made here in Thomasville, and have only three ingredients- berries, lemon juice and cane sugar. It is truly a simple pleasure, and my cool sister-in-law, Haile Mccollum of Fontaine Maury redid their packaging, so it is visually wonderful too!  

Short Stack Cookbook, $14 each. I am pretty excited about this little series of cookbooks. Each book tackles one ingredient by one expert chef. Yesterday, I attempted poaching my first egg and I was successful. Ian Knauer, author of the first edition, Eggs, gave me the 'pep' talk that I needed. Sweet Potatoes is my next read.

Hand forged Oyster Knife/bottle opener, $40. I love oysters. I love to eat oysters. I love raw oysters. I love steamed oysters. I love fried oysters. Needless to say, I will be roasting oysters this Christmas come hell or high water. To inspire my husband to enjoy this process, I bought him this oyster knife from Carolina Shuckers.

Crap Taxidermy book. $11. I just completed a wedding this fall where the dance tent was covered up in roadkill taxidermy, lovingly collected and scraped by the Bride's mother for over two decades. No, I am not kidding and it was absolutely wonderful. This book just makes me laugh and is accurately named, as it is full of serious 'crap' taxidermy. 

Ceri Hoover bag, from $134. I missed the girl gene that is attracted to fancy designer bags. I just don't get it. So when I find myself attracted to a bag, it's for a very good reason and these bags are Bad Ass. Pardon my French but Ceri Hoover of Nashville is just that and these bags appeal completely to my sensibility. 

Mark Lexton Jewelry, from $55. Mark "Lex" Matthews is a master goldsmith. How many folks can say that? His collections are called Oysters, Fox Mask, Equestrian and Low Country, which automatically draws one in. However, it is the craftsmanship and timeless, classic beauty that hooks you.

John Cleaveland Painting, from $800. Art is deeply personal. It either speaks to you or not. John Cleaveland's oil paintings have always spoken to me and I am happy to be representing his work at Firefly. 

Local Restaurant. I think one of the best gifts is treating someone you love to a local or regional restaurant. Two Georgia restaurants that are on my current radar are the Seabear Oyster Bar in Athens and The Florence in Savannah. I am a huge fan of the wickedly talented (and nicest guy ever), Peter Dale of Seabear. And I can't wait to meet Patrick Stubbers of The Florence, who has an impressive food background, including the infamous Supper Club, The Fourcoursemen. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom    Photos: Respective artists     Content: Sweet Peach


Holiday Gift Picks from the South Pole...

Nan Myers is one of my favorite curators of all that is scrumptious and good here in the South. Her store, Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia is worth a visit, especially over the holidays. Her gorgeous shop is chock full of unique and beautifully crafted gifts for men, women and all the kiddies. It's a bit of everything, which is why I'm so happy that she agreed to share some of her favorite holiday picks with all of us.

Nan, "It's starting to look like a winter wonderland at Firefly. I have strung cotton from the fields with fishing line, draped Spanish moss on our Christmas trees as I try to create The South Pole in our cozy store."

1. SMOKE & PICKLES COOKBOOK, $29.95. Smoke & Pickles has been popular among the men folk in my store and I can see why. Chef Edward Lee has a food story that could only happen in America, but even more appealing to us Southerners because he landed in Kentucky at the famed restaurant 610 Magnolia. Born in Brooklyn, NY to Korean immigrants, his patchwork cuisine like collards kimchi has Korean roots with a lot of southern soul. Plus, he's a natural born storyteller which adds another layer of flavor to his debut cookbook. 

2. PINECONE BAKING TINS, $10.95.  I love the pinecone baking tins. These come with a suggested gingerbread recipe but I am dying to try a madeleine recipe that I have squirreled away in my recipe box. 

3. STATE CUTTING BOARD, $52. This makes entertaining easy and will be a conversation starter too. We offer Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Made out of bamboo and in the USA. 

4. GEORGIA OLIVE OIL, from $4.50. Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes me really happy and I hope Santa remembers to put one of these bad boys in my stocking! I was skeptical when I heard they were producing olives in Lakeland, Georgia but after a taste, it was clear as moonlight through the pines that they were onto something good. From the field to their own mill in less than 48 hours, their oil is collected from only the first pressing of the fruit. 

5. BLUNDSTONE BOOTS, $120. What do you give a shopkeeper that has access to all of the above? Some kicking new boots for 2014 of course. I am loving these safety orange pair of Blundstones. 

6. CEDAR SOAP, $8. A perfect stocking stuffer for the men. I love the packaging of course, but the soap has a really nice, complex cedar scent as well. 


7. LOCAL RATTLESNAKE CUFFS, $48. I am not a fan of poisonous snakes, but I will certainly wear a dead one. These rattlesnake cuffs slither out of our front door and get compliments wherever they go. 

8. BLACK-EYED PEAS EARRINGS, $38. These sterling silver earrings promise to bring good luck all year round! These little South Georgia cuties are made locally by my creative friend Tracy who has the neatest little studio tucked in the woods. 



Nan & Greg's Thomasville Home

Nan and Greg Myer's home is so thoughtful and sophisticated, I know that I could never invite them into my own home. 

It's impeccable. As Nan owns the fabulous shop, Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia, her great taste carries through in her lovely abode. When I asked Nan to describe her home style, she replied, "It's definitely reflective of the natural world with an eclectic mix of primitive Chinese antiques, Southern antiques, art and hand me downs." She continued, "Everything has a story, whether it be the pottery that we eat on, the chair that we sit in or the soap that we bathe in." 

Their expansive and inviting kitchen is my favorite room in the house. Nan, "It is definitely the heart of our home and I love the combination of the kitchen and den as one great room." You'll quickly notice the faux taxidermy above. Nan and Greg have 11 Java Deer that are native to the islands of Java, Bali and Timor in Indonesia. It's a symbol of protection in Bali and these now stand guard in the Myers household. 

Eyes are also quickly drawn to the framed art above the fireplace. Nan bought this piece that showcases dozens of found arrowheads at Brunk's, an auction house in North Carolina. She believes the arrowhead collection is native to North Carolina as well. Nan, "We grew up with a father who avidly collected arrowheads from our neck of the woods, so I come about my fascination with them quite naturally." 

The Palm Beach lantern centers the dining room and I'm a fan of any bowl of collected antlers...

When I noticed the custom curtains in the living room, I had to smile. Nan had a friend make them, adding an edging inspired from a magazine picture she saw years earlier. Such a great touch...

I particularly love the beautiful tree painting that was a wedding present to Nan and Greg from their friend, John Cleaveland of Farmington, Georgia. (I think I'll need to blog about him soon.) The living room couch is from Lee Industries.

Their bedroom has an immediate calming vibe which is inspiring. Nan, "I love the wall color and have used it in a couple bedrooms and unfortunately it is a Benjamin Moore mix or I would share. It is the perfect pale gray, green, blue and is very neutral." 

All the elements in the bedroom are purposefully subdued. The gorgeous headboard is an Indian block print and white Tai Chi Chinese fabric covers their slipper chair (which once belonged to Nan's grandmother). The bedside lights come via Robert Ogden. Nan and Greg's dog, Bleu, grabs a glimpse outside. But he's pretty content to be inside...I would be too. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach