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Holiday Peach Picks: Hugh Acheson

This past summer, I produced my first Sweet Spots paper for Athens, Georgia. I was thrilled to have Hugh Acheson be one of the first to buy an ad for it and I have to say, he's always been the kind of great guy we see on TV. I've appreciated his support and am a huge fan of his recently released cookbook, The Broad Fork- which by the way, just got listed as the best cookbook of the year by Epicurious (great gift idea). As an added plus, Hugh is an avid traveler and stylish dresser, which makes him fun to follow on Instagram. It's just another way to let this fun and talented, guy-next-door chef into our lives. He's a good man- and I'm as happy as can be to share his stellar Peach Picks on Sweet Peach this holiday season. Thank you Hugh! 

1. Phil and Sebastian Coffee, from $18.50. Phil and Sebastian is a phenomenal coffee roaster in my native Canada, based in Calgary, Alberta. Brilliant packaging but even better sourcing and skilled roasting of the beans. It's also sold at Spiller Park Coffee in Atlanta. Save on that shpping $$$!

2. Vintage Cast Iron Pan. Some great cast iron is available on Etsy and Ebay. Look for Griswold brand. And if you find a well seasoned cast-iron (I mean seasoned like you can see your face in it), don't think, just buy. You will never regret it. 

3. All Clad 12" inch stainless collection fry pan, from $95. This is one of the most used pans in my kitchen. And it's also one of the oldest- a testament to the durability of the All Clad product. 

4. Chubo Utility Knife, $195. This has become one of my favorite knives. And I have a lot of knives. It's pricy, but worth it. 

5. McEvoy Ranch Olive Oils, from $29. Olive oil has such a presence in my food and I love showing off the wonderful producers in our midst. McEvoy Ranch produces award-winning, clean and truly delicious olive oil.

6. R. Wood Studio Ceramics, from $22. Rebecca Wood is an iconic Athenian artist and for good reason. Her ceramics befit the most elegant Southern table, but also find a happy home in well-used kitchens. 

7. Condor Chocolates Truffle Gift Box, from $8 (in store only: Athens, GA) or chocolate bars from the online shop, $9. My buddy Peter Dale is serving up delicate, carefully crafted (by the talented Shae Sims) chocolates and confections that will put a smile on anyone's face. Several seasonal truffle offerings make for an elegant and fun gift box.  

8. Gift Certificate to Bikram Yoga Studio, Athens, from $18. Mary, my wife, enjoys a regular practice at our local Bikram yoga studio. It's a state of the art facility that beginners and seasoned practitioners alike patronize. 

9. Subscription to AFAR magazine, $20. Beautifully laid out, stunning graphic design and a great resource for the eclectic traveler, of which I am one. 

10. David Hale prints, from $15. I wear David's art on my arm, but if you're needle-shy, you can get a print instead. His work is vastly intricate and very stylized. He's a dedicated artist. 


Image of Hugh: Taylor Oxendine    Content: Sweet Peach/ Hugh Acheson 


Holiday Gift Picks via Andover Trask

Matt Weaver of Andover Trask can do no wrong. At least in my eyes. His classic, meticulous canvas and leather bags are pieces to use and abuse and covet for years to come. I always love to check out his site to see what he's up to next. So when he shared his favorite picks for holiday gifts with Sweet Peach, I was a rapt audience. See all the goodness yourself...

1. DRAM HANGOVER TONIC, $18. Tis the season for holiday parties, which means it's a perfect time for Dram Apothecary's Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic. 

2. THE STANDARD BAG, $175.  ...And a sturdy solution for carrying libations to the aforementioned holiday parties: the Andover Trask Standard Bag.  

3. PEWTER JIGGER, $95. Achieve the perfect pour with this handsome jigger from New York based Kaufmann Mercantile (I think there's a theme going here). 

4. PORCELAIN ANTLER, $43. Honeycomb Studio is where it's at. Their antler series is indescribably beautiful, and now is the time to get in on the action; Southern Living just ran a feature that is alerting the world to this Atlanta treasure.  

5. MUGS, $32. I'll take my Christmas morning coffee in this please: The Best Made Co. enamelware mugs.  

6. OLD TRY PRINT, $40. This Old Try print is emblazoned with the coordinates of the Mason Dixon. Hang it on your wall and then regale visitors with the legend of Cooter Brown (look it up). 

7. PECAN PIE, $32. It's not Christmas without a little pecan pie. And in the South, we add bourbon. Nobody in Atlanta does it like Pie Shop. 

8. GUNNER AND LUX JEWELRY, starting at $50. Gunner and Lux jewelry is handcrafted by Atlanta creative John Petersen. His stunning designs are classic and edgy, and surprisingly affordable. 

9. ST. GEORGE GIN, $33. Julia Child attributed her longevity to red meat and gin. That's reason enough to keep a bottle of St. George Terroir on hand.

10. ANCHOR TIE CLIP, $20. The Block & Hammer anchor tie clip, hand stamped in Atlanta. Very dapper indeed. 

11. TWEEDS ACCESSORIES, starting at $80. Tweeds Shop on Atlanta's Westside is a brilliantly curated collection of fine goods you really can't get anywhere else in the South. A few of my favorites: The Calder Blue Workshirt, $115, Tucker Camo Dopp Kit, $95, Timex with kelly green leather band, $80. 

12. MUSIC, starting at $10. And because I still use the CD player in my car...Music! Right now I'm into The Head and the Heart and Camera Obscura. 


Time to Shop...

Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio quit her day job to become an artist full time. This turned out to be a really good idea as the rest of us can now own one of her gorgeous ceramic pieces that are currently flying off the shelves, gaining fanfare nationwide. Luckily, she found some time during this busy season to share her favorite gift picks for the holidays. Thank you Court...

1. FELIX GLENN MEDIUM SERVING SPOON, $115. Courtney, I've been totally bewitched by the gorgeous handcarved utensils coming out of this new Birmingham, Alabama based company. Although they're perfectly functional, I'd probably be happy to hang this spoon on a wall and just admire its classic design and beautiful grain. 

2. ICE MILK APRONS ROLLING OF CINNAMON APRON, $85. I think this (and almost all of the other aprons offered by this Atlanta, GA based company) are the prettiest things I've ever seen. The perfect blend of practical and nostalgic, these aprons almost make me forget what a horrible baker I am.  

3. LAUREN McGOWIN ABSTRACT PAINTINGS, $550. If we're talking aspirational Christmas gifts, I'm totally smitten with the abstract paintings of this emerging painter in Fairhope, Alabama. In person, her paintings have a very distinctive voice and wonderful textures. Much of her work also incorporates metallic details, so you know I'm hooked. 

4. NATIVE BEAR 2014 COSMOS WALL CALENDAR, $35. When it comes to calendars, I'm still an old fashioned gal who loves an annual calendar for reference. I'm pretty sure I could look at Leela from Native Bear's distinctive style and color palatte on the wall all year long. 

 5. LOYAL STRICKLIN AVIATOR MUG, $29. Do you need a masor jar cup with a leather cuff from Alabama based, Loyal Stricklin? Probably not. Should you have one? Absolutely. 

6. LEDBURY CLASSIC BUTTON DOWNS, starting at $115. My gift interests skew feminine, but of course I have lots of men in my life that need gifts too. You can't go wrong with any of the button downs offered by Richmond, Virginia-based, Ledbury, who offer shirts with a classically tailored fit and unmistakable Southern style. 

7. FORM FUNCTION FORM BUTTON STUD EASY READER, $82. I love that this watch, made in a Florida studio, would be an equally amazing gift for the guys or gals on your list. Classic design with high quality materials can never go wrong. 

8. JACK RUDY SMALL BATCH GRENADINE, $16.  We all know about Jack Rudy's Tonic, but did you know they have a grenadine too? With all the classic cocktail lovers in my life, this is sure to be a hit. 



John Rich's Holiday Picks for Men ... (Includes a special discount!) 

John Rich is a cool cat. He is the best curator of men's goods I know so I was thrilled when he said yes to our 2nd annual John Rich Holiday Picks. (2011's list) John recently closed his shop in Braselton, Georgia and has moved all his USA made goods into two rooms inside his home. His doors are open by appointment, which I recommend... but he also has a revamped website with all of his favorites. The gift selections here are available via his website, unless indicated otherwise. Let's get started...

Whenever I see a nice tie on a guy, I compliment him because it's a rare occurance. One way to avoid bad-tie-syndrome is to buy a Hitsman tie. ($75) Hitsman is based in Oklahoma and offers classicly stylish neckwear and leather goods. 

These limited edition bowties John had made by Sally Peek of Columbia, SC. The fabrics used are from old Civil War reenactment materials and retail for $65.  

A couple of my friends are currently producing Duck Dynasty on A&E, making duck calling all the more fashionable. John was quick to appreciate the handiwork of his fellow Braselton resident, Brett Akins, who crafted these game calls with exotic woods such as zebra, purple heart and black wood. ($60)

Every man loves a good knife and John has plenty to choose from on his site. One of his favorite craftsman is Marvin Poole from Commerce, Georgia. These above beauties are handcrafted fillet knives with a 5.75 inch blade. The handles are made with camel bone (right) and buffalo horn (left) with rifle checkering. ($175)

A good hat will last a guy a long time. John recommends Strong Brand, (He's wearing one in his photo). As stated on the Strong site, these hats are good for "boozing, sailing the open seas and shooting guns." ($15/$25) This handsome set of wood grain holders were designed and made by Amy McClure of Decatur, GA. (They come with green or orange accents on the inside or bottom of each piece. $24-$32)  

At first glance, it's hard not to fall in love with this Outlaw Franky wool blanket. The entire thing is hand loomed and made with a gorgeous vintage style plaid in natural, red and blue. ($398)  With the purchase of this blanket, John will also throw in this stylish leather holder, handcrafted by Shaun Garcia in Spartanburg, SC. 

I'm a big fan of the luscious Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps. Last Christmas, I featured their Year in the Country set which is always an amazing gift. 

Every man needs a good bar of soap all to himself and the fabulous Beekman boys now offer many handcrafted, hand wrapped options, including Winter, Honey, Bug Repellant and After the Sun. ($12-$14) 

I think every guy's office or bedside table needs a good candle. Himalayan Trading Post, based in Decatur, Georgia, creates incredible smelling scents, packaged in replica spice tins. These tins have an antiqued distressed finish with hardwood lids. Scents featured are Bourbon Vanilla and Campfire. ($18)

I love seeing artwork that stands apart and feels unique to that artist. Stephen Skurnick is just that guy. He offers hand drawn prints based off of his original pieces. And what I really like is they all arrive framed. These 8 x 10 and 10 x 13 inch works are an easy way to add manly style to a guy's office or bachelor pad. ($50)

Just ask my nephew Cameron, who I am always trying to dress up, I absolutely love man scarves. Farm Tactics makes this beauty, with a deep blue on one side and manly stripes on the other. John (and I) highly recommend... ($45) 

When I think of Christmas day, I think of music playing all day long. Two albums John really loves this season are Affairs of Plain Living by Brother Hawk, based in Atlanta. This is great guitar driven Southern rock. The other is bluegrass tunes from the album, In the Mud by Split Lip Rayfield of Wichita, Kansas. Enjoy! 

Hope this list inspired you a bit for the Holiday season. See all of John's fabulous USA MADE finds here (which, in the Southern way, all have a good story behind them). A BIG thank you to John and happy shopping....


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach. Additional soap pics by Beekman 1802