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Christmas Sangria...

I love a good cocktail recipe, especially a sangria. So when I saw this Christmas Sangria recipe by the young and talented Chef, Tieghan Girard of Half Baked Harvest, I realized it would be hard to find anything better. It's festive and beautiful, meant to be shared and savored. Perfect. 

To make this tasty, slightly sweet sangria for friends and family, just click here. As Tieghan shares, it's a "little white wine, a little ginger beer, a little apple cider, some brandy, a few pears, a few oranges and bunch of pomegranate arils." Original and delicious, try it at your next gathering. And happy holidays y'all...


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A Christmas Eve Cocktail, served cold

When I asked my friend Andrew about a good Christmas Eve cocktail for the blog that was easy and delicious, his first thought was a Mint Chocolate Martini. I was sold immediately as that's exactly my kind of drink and it sounds perfect for a festive Christmas Eve. Enjoy...


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Happy Halloween! Let's make a cocktail..

This fall, Cathead Vodka of Jackson, Mississippi has released two new flavors, Pumpkin Spice and Pecan. And both are incredibly tasty, if I do say so myself. A couple days ago, my friend Wendy Binns was kind enough to lend a helping hand to style a few shots...

We both absolutely loved the Itsy Bitsy Spider cocktail, which was all the more fun to make in the fabulous Mason Shaker. After making it, then photographing it, I drank it. Then quickly poured myself another...


The Dark & Spooky is a low key kind of drink, perfect for a bewitching Halloween night. To make the brown sugar vanilla syrup, mix one cup of brown sugar with one cup of water, add a vanilla bean, (learn how to prep the bean, here) then stir over medium heat until all the sugar is dissolved. Let cool, remove the vanilla bean and store your syrup in a mason jar inside the fridge. 

I love a seasonal vodka and happy to discover two new ones this month which taste as good as you'd hope they would. If you make a cocktail with one of these Cathead vodkas, please Instragram me a pic as I'd love to see any and all crafty concoctions. Here's to your Halloween being dark, spooky and full of terror- and a cocktail. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach     Syled by: Wendy Binns