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Holiday Peach Picks: Brandy Schuman

Brandy Schuman of A Sensible Habit is one of those artist's with many tales to tell. She appears to come out with a new and unsuspecting product every month and I'm always impressed with her ever expanding options of pretty housewares, stationery and accessories. I love her aesthetic, so of course I wanted to see what was on her gift list this year. Thank you for these stellar selections Brandy...

1. The 52 Lists Project, $16.95. A perfect gift for ringing in 2016. Moorea Seals' newest release is a weekly journaling book that includes list prompts and challenges to help you take action and make your dreams a reality. I'm picking this up for myself and some of my other business minded lady friends. 

2. Atlanta Pennant, $25. A gift for repping your ATL pride. 

3. Swell bottles, from $25. I love my Swell bottles and they have tons of fun colors and patterns to choose from. It keeps liquids warm for 12 hours and cold for 24. Even better, the jumbo size holds an entire bottle of wine...and speaking of which, I go to 3 Parks where my pal Sarah always steers me in the right direction for that perfect bottle of wine or bubbly. 

4. Glow in the dark pillowcase set, $50. These glow in the dark hand printed pillowcases from Grandiflora Textiles are stylish and fun at any age. 

5. Serving board, from $32. Star Provisions in Atlanta has some wonderful wooden serving boards for under $50. I have a round one and a large rectangular one that I love. They are great for serving food and snacks, then hanging on the wall when not in use. It's the perfect hostess gift for the right person. 

6. Blabla knit dolls, from $44. Blabla dolls are the best and are my go-to baby gift. Beauregard is my current favorite with his boots and red sash. 

7. Private Parts bath mat, $60. I like to have a few things around the house that weird out my boyfriend and make me laugh. 

8. Aesop, from $10. I'm a big fan of Aesop's hand soaps and lotion. Someone nearby almost always comments on how good it smells as soon as I use it. 

9. WKNDLA Wall Hanging, $150. I admire Cindy Hsu Zell's minimalist pieces and the way she mixes materials. I hope to get my hands on one of her wall hangings soon...

10. Blockshop Textiles indigo scarf, $120. I love these beautiful scarves that also make great wall hangings, as they are extra long. 

11. Lapel pins, $8. Adam J Kurtz has lots of hilarious things that you could give to the right person. This guy really cracks me up. 

12. Contour key ring, $16. This is my fave key ring because it easily slips on your wrist. The great price makes it the perfect little gift for a friend or a stocking stuffer. 

13. Bronze coffee scoop, $75. I use a little wooden spoon with my morning coffee but these bronze coffee scoops would make my AM coffee making ritual real pretty.  

14. Gifts for the pup, from $9.50. We can't forget the pups! My personal favorites are a new leash from Found My Animal, a leather collar from Woodlark, or rope toys from Jax and Bones- which my dog, Hendrix, loves to chew to pieces. 

15. Classes and Workshops, from $30. The gift of experience! Last year, after my boyfriend gifted me a month of classes at Mudfire, I started making ceramics and it's been one of the best gifts yet. Preserving Place in Atlanta also has workshops and classes for those interested in canning or cooking. 


illustration: Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object



Ceramic Jewelry, A Sensible Habit

Brandy Schuman always surprises me. She shouldn't, but she does because every shop I go into around Atlanta lately, I seem to run into something made by her. She started with selling her playful rubber stamps and gift tags...another day I saw her cute and colorful, art pieces and greeting cards. Then, just the other day, I saw my friend Sarah wearing this fabulous ceramic necklace. When I asked her who made it, I should have known the answer...Brandy. 

Her necklaces are big and playful and, as made by hand, are also one of a kind. Each is crafted with stoneware clay, painted then glazed. An adjustable leather cord allows you to adjust to the length you desire... 

Of course, as is her style, Brandy can't just make ceramic necklaces, she also crafts pretty ring dishes and holders...spoons too. And why not? Life is more fun when you can mix it up... Just makes me wonder, what artistic creation of hers will I be happily surprised by next. Peruse her entire shop, here.


Images: A Sensible Habit       Content: Sweet Peach



A Sensible Habit

Brandy Schuman of Atlanta likes to make things pretty and playful. I first met her through Blabla, where she works and then found her again through her side gig, crafting stamps. My neighborhood wine shop, 3 Parks, utilizes her stamps for their bottle tags and with a bit of time, her collection has grown and grown...

In her online shop, A Sensible Habit, you can find dozens of stamps to play with. I particularly like her holiday impressions which have a relaxed, flirtatious vibe to adorn cards, packaging, promotional materials and more. And they're stamps, they'll last forever.

I have a handful of stamps I've collected over the years. I keep them in my top kitchen drawer and am always surprised by how often they come in handy. Check out Brandy's site to find your favorites. Thanks to her pretty, playful ways, there's no need for boring packaging anymore...