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Revive Your Bath

These days, I feel like handcrafted soap is as plentiful as candles are. With so much to choose from, you never quite know which new products to try. Well I tried Revive Your Bath soaps and now I'm an avid fan...and customer. As these products make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday, I thought it would be a good time to share. 

Caitlin Abshier is an entrepreneur at heart, as she started this business when she was still in high school. Her mom had given her a soap making kit for Christmas and as fate would have it, she found her passion. She continued to cultivate her craft and grow her business in college, selling soaps and bath products at local markets on the weekends. She graduated without any student debt and with that kind of determination, who knows what's in store for her next. Hard work pays off. 

Of all the products I tried of Caitlin's, I'm partial to the loofah soap. I absolutely love this soap, which has an actual section of a loofah embedded. It's an excellent exfoliater, and paired with Caitlin's soaps, which are made from vegetable based oils without any harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens or synthetics, it's a quick favorite in any tub. 

As the holidays are coming up, Caitlin is offering some great gift sets. The Soap Slice Gift Set is a mix of 4 different scented soaps so you can figure out your favorite- which may likely be the popular Peppermint Rosemary and Lemon or Vanilla and Lavender. Plus, I just discovered on her site that she sells Soap Misfits from $3-$4.60 each- which are soaps that are perfectly fine but may not be aesthetically ready for prime time. I'm all over that... 

When I visited their office and workspace in Atlanta, Cara Causey of Revive was there making a fresh batch of their Lavender Milk and Oatmeal Bath Soak. This soak is meant to soothe as it's made with buttermilk powder, colloidal oatmeal, lavender and lavender essential oil. As it's a somewhat chilly night right now in Atlanta as I write this, and I've worked the past two weeks without a day off, I'm wishing I had some of this right about now...

I really can't say enough good things about the Revive brand. I have a few new soaps stacked in my bathroom right now, at the ready, but as each bar can last up to a month, I know they'll each have to wait their turn. Click here to peruse the shop and my recommendation- try the loofah soap for your stocking stuffer gifts. The best! 


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Holiday Peach Picks: Sara Lee Parker

If you're a close friend of mine, you know I have a thing for tea towels. Which means, I have a thing for Sara Lee Parker. Her hand-printed textiles, made from organic cotton and hemp fabrics, are some of my all time favorites. They have beautiful patterns with a quirky energy that I love. So how could I not ask her what her favorite gift picks are for this year? It was a no brainer, and there are a couple gifts here that I've already bookmarked to get for some lucky family members. Her list will help make your shopping a wee bit easier...thank you Sara! 

1. Putford scissors, $12. For the crafter who covets nice looking tools. 

2. Molly Hatch mug, $18. I'm collecting everything Molly Hatch and this one is going on my wish list. 

3. Cottage Garden calendar, $14. This cute little calendar would be a sweet gift for my business friends. 

4. Tugboat Printshop Daisy Bouquet print, $150. I've been coveting this print for almost a year! Tugboat is a husband and wife team from Pittsburg making beautiful hand cut, woodblock prints. 

5. Blabla Apple doll, $44. Our local Treehouse Kid & Craft carries the best gifts for the littles in our lives. I love this Blabla doll for my niece. 

6. Kimone Rose perfume, $19. This scent is so lovely, I can't imagine anyone not loving it! 

7. Gold Fish pocket knife, $22. I love giving pocket knives! They make great presents for your handy woman friend. 

8. Mana In Our Foods, $7. Alyssa makes the BEST pre packaged meals from local ingredients...a wholesome meal for my foodie brother.

9. Xenia Taler art tile, $28. I'm a huge fan of Xenia Taler's art tile and I'd love to gift this to a friend. 

10. Diana Sudyka art print, $30. Beautiful art by Diana Sudyka, this print would make a wonderful gift to a lucky someone. 

11. Maria Dondero blue flower mug, $40. My mom would love this mug! 


Illustration: Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object



Holiday Peach Picks: Brandy Schuman

Brandy Schuman of A Sensible Habit is one of those artist's with many tales to tell. She appears to come out with a new and unsuspecting product every month and I'm always impressed with her ever expanding options of pretty housewares, stationery and accessories. I love her aesthetic, so of course I wanted to see what was on her gift list this year. Thank you for these stellar selections Brandy...

1. The 52 Lists Project, $16.95. A perfect gift for ringing in 2016. Moorea Seals' newest release is a weekly journaling book that includes list prompts and challenges to help you take action and make your dreams a reality. I'm picking this up for myself and some of my other business minded lady friends. 

2. Atlanta Pennant, $25. A gift for repping your ATL pride. 

3. Swell bottles, from $25. I love my Swell bottles and they have tons of fun colors and patterns to choose from. It keeps liquids warm for 12 hours and cold for 24. Even better, the jumbo size holds an entire bottle of wine...and speaking of which, I go to 3 Parks where my pal Sarah always steers me in the right direction for that perfect bottle of wine or bubbly. 

4. Glow in the dark pillowcase set, $50. These glow in the dark hand printed pillowcases from Grandiflora Textiles are stylish and fun at any age. 

5. Serving board, from $32. Star Provisions in Atlanta has some wonderful wooden serving boards for under $50. I have a round one and a large rectangular one that I love. They are great for serving food and snacks, then hanging on the wall when not in use. It's the perfect hostess gift for the right person. 

6. Blabla knit dolls, from $44. Blabla dolls are the best and are my go-to baby gift. Beauregard is my current favorite with his boots and red sash. 

7. Private Parts bath mat, $60. I like to have a few things around the house that weird out my boyfriend and make me laugh. 

8. Aesop, from $10. I'm a big fan of Aesop's hand soaps and lotion. Someone nearby almost always comments on how good it smells as soon as I use it. 

9. WKNDLA Wall Hanging, $150. I admire Cindy Hsu Zell's minimalist pieces and the way she mixes materials. I hope to get my hands on one of her wall hangings soon...

10. Blockshop Textiles indigo scarf, $120. I love these beautiful scarves that also make great wall hangings, as they are extra long. 

11. Lapel pins, $8. Adam J Kurtz has lots of hilarious things that you could give to the right person. This guy really cracks me up. 

12. Contour key ring, $16. This is my fave key ring because it easily slips on your wrist. The great price makes it the perfect little gift for a friend or a stocking stuffer. 

13. Bronze coffee scoop, $75. I use a little wooden spoon with my morning coffee but these bronze coffee scoops would make my AM coffee making ritual real pretty.  

14. Gifts for the pup, from $9.50. We can't forget the pups! My personal favorites are a new leash from Found My Animal, a leather collar from Woodlark, or rope toys from Jax and Bones- which my dog, Hendrix, loves to chew to pieces. 

15. Classes and Workshops, from $30. The gift of experience! Last year, after my boyfriend gifted me a month of classes at Mudfire, I started making ceramics and it's been one of the best gifts yet. Preserving Place in Atlanta also has workshops and classes for those interested in canning or cooking. 


illustration: Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object



Holiday Peach Picks: Sarah Pierre

If you live in the East Atlanta area (specifically Grant Park, Ormewood Park and Glenwood Park) then you may already be well aware of the 3 Parks wine shop. It's a small boutique wine shop that also sells local, tasty goods like cheese, salumi, chocolates and all manner of wine accesssories. But the best part is Sarah Pierre. She's the quintessential shop owner who is happily at the ready for any and all wine questions, no matter how complex. I am so grateful to have her in my neighborhood and was thrilled when she said yes to sharing her wine inspired gift picks with Sweet Peach. Prepare to make a purchase or two, these are great picks...

1. Cheers Bottle Bag, $14.95. Love this fancy and fun (and eco friendly) wine bag. Ideal for your holiday celebrations. 

2. Moroccan Glass Cups, $14 each. The prettiest cups to place atop your bar cart. These Moroccan highball glasses are perfect for tea, cocktails and even casual wine drinking. 

3. Mid-Century Bar Cart, $279. Because everyone needs a bar cart. 

4. Swell Bottle, from $21.25. The 25 oz one holds an entire bottle of wine! 

5. Gold Ice Bucket, $89. For the entertaining souls, nothing tops a gold ice bucket. 

6. Gold wine key, $14.99 (and available at 3 Parks) I'm always the talk of the party when I open bottles of wine with this gold opener. 

7. The Wine Bible, $24.95. The 2nd edition has just been released 14 years later and it's ideal for anyone who wants the perfect introduction and crash course to wine. It's a household must have. 

8. 'Let's Get Wine Drunk and make out' Card, $4.99. (and available at 3 Parks) The best card ever! Everyone should get this card over the holidays. 

9. Food & Wine and Imbibe subscriptions, from $12. Perfect coffee table magazines for the food and wine or beverage lover. 

10. Coravin Model Two Wine System, from $349.95. This gift is for the wine lover in your life. You're never really opening the bottle and you can come back to it over and over again. 

11. Two Bottle Bag, $18.95. What's better than one bottle of wine? Two! 

12. Vintage French coupe glasses, $48. My go-to glass when I'm entertaining. 

13. Peach Dish subscription, from $45. If you're a lover of wine, you're probably a lover of food. Peach Dish is hands down my favorite meal delivery kit. Pick two meals, receive your box (which includes all the ingredients), open a bottle of wine, then cook an insanely delicious meal. It's so fun! 

14. Cocktail book, $19.95. I love this pretty book of pretty holiday cocktails- from bartenders all over the world. 

15. Impressive Holiday Wines. Quality champage, from $75. RED WINE: Mauro Franchino Gattinara, Italy. 100% Nebbiolo. This is a wine that you pull out of your secret stash when you want to impress your friends. Make sure you open it at least an hour before drinking or decant. $44.99 at 3 Parks Wine Shop. WHITE WINE: 2012 La Conreria d'Scala Dei Priorat Les Brugureres, Spain. This is my go-to winter white wine. The wine is full, rich, complex and badass. And did I mention the vines are 110 years old! $32.35 at 3 Parks Wine Shop. ROSÉ WINE: 2014 Chateau De Berne Impatience Rosé, Provence, France. It's a Rosé in a beautiful square bottle that tastes ridiculously amazing. $19.50 at 3 Parks Wine Shop. 


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A couple of months ago, I was in the Beautiful Briny Sea workspace and noticed that Suzi was sharing a portion of her space with Piebox. I love Piebox and was thrilled to hear that the owners, Adrienne Blumthal, Carol Blumthal and Steven Karl Metzer just relocated their company from Chicago to my backyard in the Grant Park section of Atlanta. Welcome to the South y'all...the epicenter of good pie. 

The simple, modern design of each Piebox is what makes them so great- plus, they're needed. I can't tell you how stressful it is to transport a freshly baked pie from one part of town to another when you have nothing to use but a dinner plate. It's just so wrong... so I applaud them for these stylish, reusable wooden carriers we can have all to ourselves or to gift to our baking loving friends. 

With the success of the Piebox came the Cakebox. This design is clever as it can be used for most 10" cake plates but also, the removable cupcake racks allow the transport of up to 18 cupcakes. And if you want to up your style quotient, purchase this vegetable tanned leather strap for an easy carry...  

As if Piebox and Cakebox weren't enough, there's also Cookiebox which works for all your small pastries and treats. I want one, filled with an assortment of cookies, preferably any containing chocolate, for Christmas. Family, take note...

And as Adrienne shared, the TSA has just allowed pies and cakes to be transported on planes so it's a no brainer to travel with one of these when you head home for the holidays. The sinful southern dessert you make that morning can be tasted and shared that night, hundreds or thousands of miles away. I want one of every box. If you're feeling that urge too, click here. 


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Beautiful Briny Sea

For me, the best part about having a blog is the artists I get to meet and the opportunity I have to learn more about what they do, what they create. Suzi Sheffield of Beautiful Briny Sea is a force of nature and a gal after my own heart. She is passionate about creating, pushing boundaries, succeeding- and none of that happens without having a ton of fun along the way. If she's not enjoying the process, something is seriously wrong. 

Suzi owned a taqueria and catering restaurant for 12 years in Columbia, South Carolina. Craving a new direction, she left that business but brought her food instincts and savviness with her to create salts and eventually, sugars. And quality is paramount. Every item packed inside each Beautiful Briny Sea tin is hand harvested...the salt, the sugars, the herbs. Each product is then labeled and packed by hand in her Grant Park warehouse just east of downtown Atlanta. 

If Suzi doesn't love her job every day, she is failing at some level. So she comes up with fantastic creations that keep her imagination and enthusiasm level on high. As her possibilities for crafting dry goods are unlimited, the results are a mix of quirky and awesome. Like Mr. Gigglepants, a hibiscus sugar that's perfect for french toast, cupcakes or fancy schmancy cocktails. She wanted the label to reflect the spirit of this sugar, so it's an elephant in pink hot pants, holding a champagne glass and dancing while baring his three chest hairs. 

Creative people love to collaborate- they know that's the good stuff. And I think my favorite product of Suzi's is one she did along with Amy Sedaris and Fishs Eddy called I Like You Sprinkles. It's a mix of colorful sprinkles, sanding sugar, pastel sugar wafers, nonpareils and the best part- chocolates with the phrase 'I like you' on them. It's a perfect product for Amy and she found the perfect partner to make them with. I mean, I just can't take the cuteness. Such a great gift idea. 

Another recent collaboration of Suzi's was with Chef and Restaurateur, Kevin Gillespie. Owner of the popular Atlanta restaurant, Gunshow, Kevin and his Executive Chef, Joey Ward, came up with a finishing salt aptly named Gunpowder.

Suzi explained to me that her front door is always open as she wants chefs and other professionals to come in and mix and match her ingredients to see what they can come up with. It's a playground upon entry, so one must play

Inside the warehouse, Suzi has a small team that work together to fill, label, package and manage all the tins and employees enjoy the constant perks- like the Soap Box Derby they were all racing in that weekend, dressed as magic unicorns, of course. 

If you're in the Grant Park area, stop in and see Suzi- she loves to show off her space and share a bit of her passion. And honestly, the best no fail gift to give this year is one of her sugars or salts. There are so many to choose from, including Santa Salt made with rosemary and pink peppercorns or the Dream Team salt set featuring Hot Steve, French Picnic, Campfire and Friends Forever. I mean, c'mon. So good...


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Sweet Peach Sweet Spots ATL 2015

Back from a bit of an extended break (which was a much needed refresher), I'm happy to return to the blog with the release of the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper. This one features Atlanta and Buford Highway. For those of us that live in Atlanta, we often visit Buford Highway knowing a place or two to check out so I hope this comprehensive guide of 25 BuHi Sweet Spots (and 60 Atlanta) entices us all to wander and explore. To view the paper, click the pic above or find the PDF, here. 

As with any creative endeavor, it takes a team. For this paper I have some truly wonderful colleagues and friends to thank. Vanessa Dina is my Design Director of the paper, Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object illustrates, Bob Conquest is key to creating the Design Layout and Zack Ezzo masterfully curated the Buford Highway Sweet Spots. Love these guys....

Here's just a sampling of the Sweet Spots and a wee bit of the Holiday Gift Guide. Just click here to see the latest Sweet Spots paper in its entirety. And Happy Monday, it's good to be back! Return to the blog tomorrow as I begin to share all the fun gifts we can give this holiday season...



Steve McKenzie's

Yesterday, I spent the morning at Steve McKenzie's, a home decor shop on the westside of Atlanta. Owners Steve and Jill McKenzie carry an eclectic and inviting mix of French, mid century modern and southern home decor. They love a mix of styles and textures or as Steve shared, "We only bring in what we believe in."

The space is one large, cozy room and a mix of furniture, textiles, tabletop, stationery and small goods. I personally liked to see all the Southern artists in the shop, including R. Wood StudioColsenKeane, Thimblepress and Rifle Paper Co.  

What's nice is every month, Jill and Steve pick a new Southern artist to showcase their artwork, which is then displayed throughout the space. This month, it's Decatur, Georgia based artist, Ruth Franklin. There are currently over a dozen of her acrylics on canvas and charcoal drawings in the shop to stop and take in- so stunning. 

Steve was a painter for 30 years and still dabbles today, as his entire fabric collection (about 44 different prints now sold throughout the US and Canada) are first all hand painted by him before reproduction. Steve is also an interior designer and lends his expertise for residential design, which has become a major aspect of the business. 

Steve McKenzie's is the largest stocking dealer in the US of Blenko glass and in this space, you'll find all you need for your tabletop. If you or someone you're buying for loves to entertain, this lovely and delightful shop is a fun spot to peruse. And if you're not able to visit in person, no worries, just check out the shop online, here.


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As we approach the chilly months, I think of scarves. And if you love them as much as I, you may already know all about Yokoo. This talented artist is based in Atlanta and has carved out an impressive niche for herself, selling thousands upon thousands of her handcrafted oversized scarves. With a global following and a feature in the NY Times, she's a one person knitting sensation.

Her big, beautiful Soopa scarves are 7' in length and each is made with a soft 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn. Plus, any of her scarves, whether soopa, infinity or chain, are available in 16 color choices. As her creations are bold and innovative, she often uses stitches she invented herself. 

I love this self portrait, taken by Yokoo. It's a glimpse into who she is, which is meticulous, thoughtful, extraordinary, imaginative. As she often spends 15 hours a day knitting, I'm not sure how she keeps up with her photography, videos and her own clothing line, Mother, but I'm eager to make her my role model. To see Yokoo's current collection of big, cozy scarves for the cold days ahead, click here.


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Charlotte Smith Studios

All I knew when I saw this pic on Instagram the other day was that if this artist was Southern, I'd be quick to share their work on Sweet Peach. Turns out these pieces are made by the hand of Miss Charlotte Smith and she's right here in my city of Atlanta...

Like many a great artist, Charlotte, who was born and raised in Mississippi, allows the creative process to take the lead, without adding force or push back. She rarely works with a sketch in hand or an end goal in mind. She starts with one thought and then lets the porcelain dictate the next. As Charlotte shared, "I think that this is how my best work has evolved, just through thinking about how one detail will balance the other." 

Her cup collection has a cohesive look but each individual piece has its own personality. Charlotte, "I can change one little detail and it's a completely different cup than the one before." When I asked Charlotte what her intention is with these pieces, she replied, "To make something beautiful that functions well." 

What I love too is how Charlotte stamps each finished piece with these vintage metal letters that once belonged to her grandfather. Charlotte, "He had around 13 dogs and these were the stamps that he used for their dog tags." You'll see one of his old stamp impressions above which includes his name and Mississippi address. What a treasure to have these old stamps passed down from one generation to the next. Peruse the entirety of Charlotte's collection of cups, here. 


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