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Holiday Peach Picks: Ashley Woodson Bailey 

Ever since I first spied the work of Miss Ashley Woodson Bailey, I've been a superfan. I love her story, what she creates, her unique perspective...and what she picks each year for my Gift Guide. As expected, her 2015 gift picks are a mix of luxurious and vibrant, surprising and wholly original...just like her. Thank you Ashley! 

1. Drippy Tapestry Pillow Cover, $400. I want to crawl into every room Martyn Thompson creates and never leave. They are magical. 

2. Landon Nordeman Photo. Landon's photos are some of the most show stopping, heart pounding images around. He captures fashion like no one else and I so want one in my home. 

3. Saint Therese Enamel Pendant, $169. Ever since meeting Dr. Lisa Cooper in Sydney, I have become fascinated with her love for St. Therese, that Little Flower. Her phrase, "Everything is Grace" is what she is known for as well as her ability to ease those who suffer. She seems to be my patron saint, and is also the patron saint to most florists. I would love to hang this delicate little charm around my neck in her honor every day. 

4. Gucci Collection. Ever since Alessandro Michele became Creative Director of Gucci, I have wanted every single piece he has shown. 

5. Dixon Rye Gift Certificate. We are currently in the throws of redoing our home. I walked into Dixon Rye yesterday and thought I had died and gone to heaven- from the pottery to the gorgeous leather sofa to the light fixtures, I want a hefty gift certificate to this store! 

6. Coqui Coqui Spa Hotel. I would love to have a romantic vacation with my husband to Tulum and stay at Coqui Coqui. 

7. Alyson Fox rug, from $75. Dreaming of this rug by Alyson Fox to tie everything together in my living room. 

8. Ashley Woodson Bailey 8" x 8" print, from $85. I will be giving all of my flower loving friends one of my newly framed prints. 



Ashley Woodson Bailey Wallpaper

Be still my heart. This wallpaper makes me take a moment of silence to just be grateful for all that is right with the world. In a creative and savvy move, Georgia based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey has taken her gorgeous floral photography to a whole new level and I couldn't be happier about it...

Yesterday, Ashley launched her online wallpaper shop with six dark and sensuous floral options. In the right space, this wallpaper can make such a powerful impact. 

It's all just so good. Learn more about Ashley's inaugural wallpaper collection, here. 


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach 



Checking in with Ashley Woodson Bailey...

I continue my avid love affair with Atlanta based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey. I aspire to have one of her beautiful large size floral prints hung over my bed will happen. I believe it be. 

In her last series, I was attached to her Magnolia print. In Ashley's most recent work, I am privvy to Michelle- a photograph of a white garden rose that Ashley dedicated to her late friend, Michelle Carey Charba.  

I am still awestruck that all of her work is captured and edited with her iPhone. She amazes and inspires me...Keep up with Ashley's ever expanding floral portfolio, here.


Images: Ashley Woodson Bailey     Content: Sweet Peach



When in doubt, buy a bag...

I know I'm a bit partial to bags, but- I do think a gorgeous, well made bag is one of the best gifts to give this holiday season. My absolute favorite bag is one that also just won a Garden & Gun Made in the South Award. It's this scrumptiously dreamy, oversized, super soft black leather bag by SE Sherrick and Imogene + Willie in Nashville, $600. I'm not sure I've ever loved something so much...

There never is one great bag, however. There are many. These include, from left to right: Peter Nappi Ennio Tote, $420. J Stark Franklin Bag, $450; Very Fine South + Ashley Woodson Bailey Pink Zip Clutch, $350;  Emil Erwin Jane Clutch, $295; Bexar Goods New Porter Satchel, $680; Andover Trask Madison Tote, $225; Ceri Hoover Platinum Pintuck Clutch, $195; Moore & Giles Urban Satchel, $775. 

The Makr Post Bag, $180 and Makr Fold Weekender, $165. Happy bag shopping...



Peach Picks: Ashley Woodson Bailey 

Ashley Woodson Bailey is having a good year. These past months, her incredible original artwork has caught a wave of devout, drooling fans across the globe. We all suffer from the same thing. We see, we gasp and then we pick a favorite. Living here in the South, I'm currently loving her Southern Magnolia image. And then, at the same time, I'm debating which gorgeous floral clutch to buy in her new bag collection created in collaboration with Very Fine South. So, receiving her holiday gift picks for Sweet Peach is something special and as expected, drool worthy. Enjoy...

Puzzle Heel, $299. These shoes. Oh my. All Gorman shoes are beyond comfy and so stylish. 

Tsalagi Clutch, $125. I've had my eye on this amazing Tsalagi clutch. Laura makes it in the yummiest black leather and I would love to carry it during fun nights out with my husband. 

Vertical Rectangle Vase, $45. I would love to hang this sweet little Copper and Torch vase in my house and fill it with gorgeous flowers. 

Diamond Anchor Necklace, email for pricing. A custom diamond and gold cross from Ivy Diamond Cole would be so dreamy. 

Hudson Dinnerware, $90. Keith makes these in black now and oh my gosh, I am not sure I want anything more. 

This class in Australia, $150. Plus, 2 round trip tickets on Qantas to Sydney so I can take this class and my husband can experience what I just did for himself. 

Citizen Atelier Gift Card, $500. I so want a gift card to Citizen Atelier so I can pick out some art for the house. Alessandra curates the site so well, it would be hard to pick just one piece. 

Katherine Sandoz Art Piece. I am a collector of all beauty made by Katherine Sandoz and this one might be my favorite yet. 

Light Drawings, email for prices. I would love one of Rinne Allen's light drawings to hang in my daughter, Byrd's room. They are breathtaking. 

Frida Vase, $295. I also want this amazing vase by Love Star, an Aussie brand, for my love of flowers and my love of Frida! 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom.  Ashley photo: Katie Oblinger 



Peach Picks: Libbie Summers 

From the moment I met Libbie Summers at last year's Southern C conference in Charleston, I was an instant fan. I just love her infectious energy and adorable, lively style. Her gorgeous food blog, Salted & Styled, which she created with Chia Chong, was voted best food blog of 2013 by the International Association of Culinary Professionals. I have (and love) her cookbook, Sweet and Vicious. If you haven't checked out her playful, pretty culinary videos, it's well worth a few minutes of your day. It'll make your day actually- much like Libbie saying yes to sharing her favorite gift picks with Sweet Peach. Somebody pinch me. Enjoy...

1. WOOL FELT PENNANTS, $26. I love these adorable pennants from artist, Jessica Duthu. They are perfect for a kid's room, or if you're like me, you just have one hanging from your lamp on your desk so you'll always know when to ROAR!

2. LEOCI'S RASPBERRY JALAPENO JAM, $12. If I'm giving you a packaged food suggestion, you have to know it's better than great! This Raspberry Jalapeno Jam from the award-winning chef, Roberto Leoci is just that great. I always have a jar in my refrigerator...always. You should too. 

3. BIRD DOG ZIPPER TOTE, $158. I'm OBSESSED with this Bird Dog Tote from Hayden Reis! Not just because I have a bird dog with an attitude, but also because the bag is so durable, chic and has a shit ton of pockets inside to keep me organized. 

4. KATHERINE SANDOZ PAINTING, from $500. Artwork is an intimidating thing to purchase for someone, UNLESS it's a piece by artist, Katherine Sandoz. I've never met a person who doesn't swoon when they're staring at a piece of Katherine's work. I'm blessed to have a piece of hers in my home that I get to smile at every day. How can you put a price on that kind of joy? 

5. BROOKE ATWOOD LEATHER CAMERA STRAP, $145. Really, who doesn't think they are a photographer now? This kick-ass leather studded camera strap from the talented Brooke Atwood is exactly what every fashion blogger needs!!

6. ASHLEY WOODSON BAILEY/ VERY FINE SOUTH CLUTH, $350. 'Every flower has a story.' That's artist/designer Ashley Woodson Bailey's line. I just love that Ashley's flowers will make the look I choose to wear even more fantastic with one of these clutches in my hand! 

7. TAPER CANDLES, $37.50. Hot Pink taper candles for my dining room table? YES PLEASE!!!!

8. LOVELANE'S SHEAR-LING BOMBER HAT, $40. I pretty much love everything that artist, Lane Huerta touches. I've even used her children's capes and hats to hang on the doors at a NYC party for some heavy hitting journalists to get the conversation going. These shear-ling bomber hats are beyond! Trust me when I tell you that a small headed adult can even wear them! 

9. SWEET AND VICIOUS FRINGE CUFF, $52. I am BEYOND excited about these butter soft metallic pink leather Sweet and Vicious Fringe Cuffs! Perfect with a chambray shirt or a sweet cream cashmere sweater. For the coolest chick on your list! 

10. CERAKKO FARM FRESH CANDLE, $22. I'm weird about candle scents. I don't want to smell apple pie unless an actual apple pie is in the oven, or magnolias blooming unless magnolias are actually blooming in my yard. This Farm Fresh candle from Cerakko Farm is simple- fresh and clean with a little gritty undertone. When I smell it burning, it reminds me of my grandmother Lula Mae's farm in Missouri...minus the pig smell. 

11. EMILY McCARTHY GIFTS TAGS, from $8.50. Coastal living designer and influencer, Emily McCarthy is a breath of fresh air! I love her modern takes on Southern traditions with big pops of color and prints. Her gift tags are a great gift to anyone before the holidays or after. She will personalize them with a hand done monogram too! 

12. MEREDITH ANNE SUTTON 12 GAUGE BUCKLE, $200. A handcrafted 12 Gauge buckle from metal artist, Meredith Sutton will win you extra brownie points from the men in your me, I've experienced it. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach/ Libbie Summers


Ashley Woodson Bailey

Ashley Woodson Bailey intrigues me. She has a story full with flurry and spontaneity, inspirational highs and pitfalls. Moving from job to job, city to city across the South, she's worked in fashion, jewelry and floral design. Yet it wasn't until she was 41, and experienced a life changing accident that she found her calling...

Ashley had a passion for flowers her whole life but it wasn't until a car accident two years ago (which put her in a back brace for months) that she found solace in a new creative outlet, her iPhone. A creative mind can always adapt and I think this was a beautiful reincarnation for Ashley. Over the years she had developed and honed her style and her eye, as well as a knowledge for floral and plant life. Ashley had limited mobility during her recovery but taking pictures of flowers combined many of her lifelong skills, culminating into a brand new one. She was open to receive...

As Ashley's own story is varied, rich and complex, so too are her images. Ashley, "Every image has a meaning behind it. Every stem has a story. Just like all of us." 

Ashley prints each image on a high quality cotton rag paper called Hahnemuhle. This paper has a fine and smooth matte surface and as Ashley shared, "I chose this paper because of the depth it creates with each image- they come alive." What I love too is although these images are taken on an iPhone they work stylistically in large format. Images begin at 11 x 14" and go up to 40 x 60".  

I have featured images from her Dark series, but Ashley has a Light series as well that is equally as fetching. I think I'm attracted to the darker images for what they represent- finding beauty through life's trials and tribulations. It's a reminder that our struggles can lead us down new, unexpected paths. Imperfections, pain, fear...If you're open to weathering the storms, that's the good stuff. 


Photos: Ashley Woodson Bailey; Domain Home; Haley Sheffield; Ashley Capa    Content: Sweet Peach