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Philip Juras

In search of more artwork for my home, I had to take a moment to admire the work of painter, Philip Juras of Athens, Georgia. I spied his work on my friend Nan's Instagram account the other day... 

What I love most about Philip Juras' work is that the majority of it showcases my favorite place on earth- Little St. Simon's Island, Georgia. Through my work at TBS, I've been so fortunate to visit this magical, private island a multitude of times. Whatever the reason, (which I gather has a lot to do with how protected and untouched this southern wilderness is) I feel nothing but happiness when I set my feet here- and I get the feeling Philip feels the same way. 

As shared on his site, "Philip focuses primarily on remnant natural landscapes that offer a glimpse of the Southeast before European settlement." Through my dozens of hikes with friend, Kathryn Kolb, I've come to learn first hand how special and fragile our Southern ecosystem is artists like Philip (and Kathryn) who remind us why it's so vital to stand up and protect it. 

See more of the lovely, southern inspired work of Philip Juras, here.


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Alyson Fox

A multi talented artist is easy to spot. Alyson Fox of Austin, Texas, spends her time crafting things from paper, fabric, found items, lipstick, ceramics and a plethora of other materials. But that's just what she does with part of her day. With degrees in photography, sculpture and installation art, she never tires of creating, transforming...

Her prints are what caught my eye this week.... a mix of drawings and collage, I love the variation in her pieces which all share some level of playfulness and joy. Delve deeper into Alyson's impressive body of work, here.


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42 Pressed

As a curator of maps myself, I'm always on the lookout for creative and artistic interpretations of cities and locales. Last week I spied this beauty by Jackie Hall Robinson of 42 Pressed in Charleston and had to learn a bit more...

The sleek and distinctive letterpress map (with shiny gold foil) divides the Charleston peninsula into its various neigbhborhoods. As Jackie has shared, she loves "clean lines, simple yet impactful design along with the hint of the unexpected." 

And why stop at just Charleston? Jackie's popular prints also include nearby East Cooper and the Sea Islands, a few islands off the Charleston county coast. Just lovely...


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Kiki Slaughter

I like any work of art that I can get a little lost in... where I stare, meander and get out of my head for a bit. The work of Atlanta based artist, Kiki Slaughter has succeeded in getting my full attention. I can't help but want to know more...

Kiki is a southern gal, rasied in Charlottesville, Virginia. As shared on her site, "Her paintings are best described as an experiment with the fundamental process of painting. She pours, scrapes, layers and otherwise manipulates paint on the canvas to create works that are rich in both color and texture." 

She creates large abstract oil paintings that feel wholly inspired and layered in meaning. Like many great artists, she's a storyteller at heart. As Kiki shared, "When I begin a painting, I do not always have an idea of the finished product in mind. Instead, I find painting to be an organic process in which the act of painting itself and the phsyicality of materials I use are both muses and methods for my work." 

As one may suspect, Kiki is very inspired by the color and forms of the natural world. She is tuned in to her instincts - able to create a cohesive piece of art that draws us in, not by luck, but by an intuitiveness for form, light and balance. As my friend Kathryn Kolb would say, it works. There's always a reason to why we stop, stare and stay awhile...

Learn more about the work of Kiki Slaughter, here. 




Scarlet & Gold

This notebook caught my eye this week as it is exactly how I'm feeling as of late. I'm putting together a rather big project for Sweet Peach that will be revealed in the next week or two and I have a few people around me that are giving me so much of their time and passion. They believe in the project as much as I, and for that I feel incredibly grateful. 

Finding this notebook led me to this sweet little shop today. Megan Smalley and Leslie Allen of Auburn, Alabama have combined their talents and vision to create an online print shop that offers stationery, art and a bit of home decor. 

They describe their work as 'tasteful simplicity' and that's exactly what I like about it. I always search for note cards that have that characteristic but they are sadly few and far between. A plain Thank You on a white card shared in a pretty way is all I need.  

I admit I smiled wide when I saw their placemats. It was unexpected. I immediately thought of when I was a kid as I would of loved to have these placemats to write down my mom's menu each night, along with all of our names in different colors and fonts. I'm the youngest of four and I can't even tell you how many days and nights I would do arts and crafts and dream up plays, commercials and fake newscasts. I particularly loved creating presentations for things... and still do now. I suppose it's good to not (quite) grow up. 

There is much more to Scarlet & Gold then I've shared here so please check out their site to peruse a bit more. It's simple, sweet and tasteful. And for that, I am grateful.


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Methane Studios

Mark McDevitt and Robert Lee have been friends since college. After graduating, they did their own thing, designing for screen printing companies and t-shirt shops, as well as creating engaging illustrations for various local and national brands. After doing a bit of their own work on the side, they realized the potential of teaming up together. In 1998, Methane Studios was born. 

Much of their early work still sustains them- silk screen prints for music gigs. They've created incredible artwork for hundreds of artists, which ultimately caught the attention of the Dave Matthews crew. Since 2005, the pair have been the go-to guys for all of Dave's show prints, illustrating between 40-70 a year. 

While visiting their Atlanta studio, this one, titled Moth Leopard by Robert was one of my favorites. I'm drawn to the bright, bold colors and graphic print. 

These two prints by Mark have garnered a lot of attention as they can fit so well with so many decor styles. Mark found inspiration from a 1930's mug shot for the guy silhouette, and for the mrs.- a vintage German actress from that same time period offered the right look. 

Maybe I'm a bit biased as I live in Georgia but this is my personal favorite, which is available as a print or a limited few are sold on wood. I bought the wood version for my kitchen and it works well as a strong focal point.


Even knowing who designs what, it's hard to tell their artwork apart. Their styles are very complementary, which makes them a strong, creative force with an equally strong brand. As Robert shared, "We're both very illustrative with a retro flair and comtemporary feel." 

On the day I visited, they were printing another Dave Matthews print- no surprise there. And I have to say it was really interesting to watch the screen printing process to see these illustrations come to life before your eyes, one by one. 

All of Mark and Robert's prints are limited edition and priced right, averaging at just $30 each. And the nice part is they sign each and every one by hand. 

I want to thank Mark and Robert for showing me around their studio and hanging out for a bit. They were incredibly kind and generous with their time. To see these two in person and peruse their ingenious creations yourself, visit them in Nashville at the Cabin Fever Heyday event this Sunday, February 8 or in March at South by Southwest in Austin.  


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


Habitat Une

I love finding new art to share on Sweet Peach. This week it comes via Mark Seagraves of Greenville, North Carolina. In his shop, Habitat Une, he crafts one of a kind pieces that are a play in form and color. As Mark shares, he finds inspiration in "nature, architecture and imagined shapes." 

Mark locally sources reclaimed wood for his creations. He collects pallets from his neighborhood lumber yard or more often from homes and buildings that are being torn down to make way for new structures. Mark, "As those homes, churches and businesses are being raised, they lose what I think makes them special- the original oak flooring, the giant support rafters, cedar lining and framing." Those losses are our gains, including this lovely piece above, inspired by the art deco period. 

I like how Mark mixes up his styles. As he shared, "I really enjoy the whole creative process. My favorite thing is that moment when an idea comes, it's like a spark." His blue Color Block is one of my favorites...

See Mark's entire shop, which inlcudes headboards, wooden wreaths and abstract paintings, here. 


Photos: HabitatUne       Content: Sweet Peach


The Geekerie 

I've had many guy friends ask for advice on artwork for their home or office and I tend to have a running list of interesting artists and shops in my head. Christian Peterson of Columbia, South Carolina has now officially been added to my brain. He recently created Table of Thrones, after my all time favorite tv show, Game of Thrones. The inventive periodic table print cleverly breaks down all seven kingdoms and details which members are still alive and which, sadly so, are no longer...

Christian aptly calls his shop The Geekerie, as it's full of tech, scifi, film and fantasy prints- including a bunch of heroes and villains many a nerd may love. I particularly like the style and vibe of Christian's planetary prints. The pretty blue of Neptune offers a nice pop of color that can easily enhance a man's space. 

Christian has hundreds of prints to choose from, many of which are from iconic films of years past. If a guy must show his love for Star Wars, he may as well do so in a stylish way. (You'll find 28 options for the hardcare fan.)

No excuse for owning a lame poster anymore (that should of been thrown out after college). Peruse the entirety of The Geekerie shop, here.


Illustrations: Christian Peterson      Content: Sweet Peach


Becca Stadtlander

While perusing Etsy last week I was intrigued by one of their featured sellers, Becca Stadtlander of Covington, Kentucky. Becca paints images inspired by mother nature and everyday life. She drew me I wanted to share. 

As Becca shared, "My favorite paintings start out as images that zoom into my head out of nowhere. It's usually always something simple- like an object or an animal- and I know I just need to paint it and get it out of my head." 

Because of the success of her Etsy shop, Becca can paint from home full time. Which is why her work studio needs to be comfortable, safe and full of good energy to be open and creative. I like seeing her cozy and charming workspace. I bet it's even better when it rains...

Becca offers reproductions of her paintings in both print and card form. 

A bouquet of strawberries would be oh so fun... Becca's work has a sense of happy comfort, don't you think? See all of her lovely illustrations here.


Illustrations: Becca Stadtlander   Content: Sweet Peach


Valentina Design

Valentina Ramos of Miami, Florida creates feel good designs that are as charming as they are affordable. Her prints, just $15, remind us to love, be grateful and live in the present moment.  

She has a bevy of designs to choose from...some affirmative, others just artistic, like this vintage camera grouping and Susie the Bird print. She loves to work with different materials but black ink is a constant. As she explains, "Black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in my original prints, paintings and drawings." 

I own one Valentina piece and it's the Something Good print to the left. I've placed it in a frame by my front door to remind me to relax my worried mind, if only for a minute or two... I love it. 

Valentina also offers prints from her original drawings that can be personalized with a name and color scheme. These would be so sweet in a kid's room...

 The Sweet Love print is just as its name suggests. 

Valentina also has a few black and white prints which can work really well in an all white room. Home Sweet Home would be perfect on a front porch. See all of Valentina's lovely, uplifting work here. And have a good weekend. As Valentina would say, remember to smile and be thankful for all that you do have...