The High Fiber, fall 2015

I have an odd attachment to pretty tea towels. There's very few I pass by without touching. I think growing up with flimsy white paper napkins every meal has left a wound or two. I find healing through artisans like Daphne Cohan of The High Fiber in Asheville, North Carolina...bland and boring is just not in her vocabulary. 

Bees, butterflies, acorns and bunnies always make good subjects. These new designs mean I can justify new tea towels in my tea towel drawer. I can justify that. Peruse Daphne's entire shop, here.


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Forged and Found

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of these stoneware wind bells on Instagram, and I had to stop and stare for a moment. They're quite beautiful and unique and because of that, I'm forced to add them to my wish list...

Regina Mandell of Forged and Found in Athens, Georgia spends her days crafting beautiful things for her online shop and a handful of eager retail shops across the country. I like how her collection includes not so obvious things like potion bottles, wine chillers, this lantern or even a series of four cups in different sizes. 

Such lovely things. I bookmarked her site today and look forward to seeing what she's up to next. Click here to see Regina's entire shop, and look out for the bells....hopefully arriving in her online shop very soon. 


Images: Forged and Found     Content: Sweet Peach




As we approach the chilly months, I think of scarves. And if you love them as much as I, you may already know all about Yokoo. This talented artist is based in Atlanta and has carved out an impressive niche for herself, selling thousands upon thousands of her handcrafted oversized scarves. With a global following and a feature in the NY Times, she's a one person knitting sensation.

Her big, beautiful Soopa scarves are 7' in length and each is made with a soft 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn. Plus, any of her scarves, whether soopa, infinity or chain, are available in 16 color choices. As her creations are bold and innovative, she often uses stitches she invented herself. 

I love this self portrait, taken by Yokoo. It's a glimpse into who she is, which is meticulous, thoughtful, extraordinary, imaginative. As she often spends 15 hours a day knitting, I'm not sure how she keeps up with her photography, videos and her own clothing line, Mother, but I'm eager to make her my role model. To see Yokoo's current collection of big, cozy scarves for the cold days ahead, click here.


Images: Yokoo Gibraan   Content: Sweet Peach 



The Man Tote

A couple of days ago, my friend Antonis said he needed help finding a man tote. Something light, easy to fold up but still stylish and masculine. I decided he needed the chambray tote by Charleston based artist, Erik Holmberg of Starkmade.

Erik also crafts a series of more durable totes, both thin and wide. It's a good selection that hopefully can appease the pickiest of male shoppers. His work continues to impress me- as he began his shop by crafting leather goods like this gorgeous Franklin bag, but has since expanded his wares to include an impressive collection of bags, wallets, belts and pocket squares. Check it out for yourself, here. 


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Charlotte Smith Studios

All I knew when I saw this pic on Instagram the other day was that if this artist was Southern, I'd be quick to share their work on Sweet Peach. Turns out these pieces are made by the hand of Miss Charlotte Smith and she's right here in my city of Atlanta...

Like many a great artist, Charlotte, who was born and raised in Mississippi, allows the creative process to take the lead, without adding force or push back. She rarely works with a sketch in hand or an end goal in mind. She starts with one thought and then lets the porcelain dictate the next. As Charlotte shared, "I think that this is how my best work has evolved, just through thinking about how one detail will balance the other." 

Her cup collection has a cohesive look but each individual piece has its own personality. Charlotte, "I can change one little detail and it's a completely different cup than the one before." When I asked Charlotte what her intention is with these pieces, she replied, "To make something beautiful that functions well." 

What I love too is how Charlotte stamps each finished piece with these vintage metal letters that once belonged to her grandfather. Charlotte, "He had around 13 dogs and these were the stamps that he used for their dog tags." You'll see one of his old stamp impressions above which includes his name and Mississippi address. What a treasure to have these old stamps passed down from one generation to the next. Peruse the entirety of Charlotte's collection of cups, here. 


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Cast & Crew...what's new

Forever a fan of Jenny & Cody's impressive furniture and home decor finds, I was in the mood to check out their online shop this morning to see what's new...

Based in Marfa, Texas, the pair have a knack for photography and design...and knowing which pieces are worth salvaging and recovering. Like this piece they fully restored- the Eames rocker in solid black. 


See the entirety of their ever evolving Cast & Crew shop, which always includes stunning chairs and taxidermy deers with hand dipped antlers, here.


Images: Cast & Crew    Content: Sweet Peach



We Took to the Woods

When my friend Nan of Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia speaks highly of a new product in her shop, I listen. She has superior taste. Which is why I can't wait to try one of these We Took to the Woods candles, per her suggestion. They're earthy and cozy- perfect for today actually. It's the first day of fall. 

We Took to the Woods is a wonderful home decor shop in Greenville, South Carolina. Their latest foray into candles has been a success. The Alpine Cottage candle is described as flowers blooming by the steps of the porch, with tea rose in the air and In the Glen is reminscent of freshly chopped logs by the cabin with cedarwood and pine predominant. I think I need to try Meet Me in the Meadow as fig, bergamot, white tea leaves, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and sandlewood are mixed for a lovely, fresh scent. See the entire candle line, available in glass or bark containers, here. And enjoy the first day of fall, y'all...



Melting Sun Apparel

I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I tend not to leave the house without a necklace or two. Granted, my necklaces are the same 5 or 6 in my repertoire but they're my staples, nonetheless. Finding pretty and unique pieces, such as these by Melting Sun Apparel, reminds me how I can, and should, expand my collection...

Lauren Visconti-Beckett began her line of jewelry inside her Atlanta home in January of 2012. Since that time, her collection (and number of admirers) has grown impressively. Most of Lauren's materials are sourced locally and each necklace is crafted by hand. Her earth friendly materials include bones, clay, shells, wood and beads and she's able to infuse her unique voice into each piece. You can spot a Melting Sun jewelry piece from across the room. That's a good thing. 

Her home workspace is dreamy, to say the least. Stark white and organized, full of light and space...No wonder she is continually inspired. Check out Lauren's entire jewelry collection, here. 


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Textures and Layers 


The Rabun Gap Tree House

I was happy to discover the other day that my friends Chester and Steven are allowing others to rent this stunning mountain home on Airbnb...and true to their form, it's quite lovely. This is a one bedroom, one bath modern house nestled deep in the woods of North Georgia. The home was designed by Mack Scogin and Merrill Elam Architects. I can't wait to spend a night or two here...See all 32 pics, here. 


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