About Us

PAMELA BERGER, Creator. I like pretty things. I suppose that’s why I’ve been hooked on home design blogs since their inception. I started to take notice in 2005 when I purchased my first home and wanted to design my new space with personal, original style without spending a lot of money. Design Sponge and Apartment Therapy made my intention obsessively fun and easy to obtain. With the emergence of hundreds of new sites since, I have fallen smitten to the creative masses that share their inspiration and a bit of themselves each day. Humbled, yet eager to share, I’ve decided to join the fray.

My full time career is as a television producer and I'm a storyteller at heart. My intention with Sweet Peach is to focus on the South because ever since moving from California, (originally from Connecticut) I have fallen in love with the diversity, culture and craftsmanship found here- and all too often, it’s underappreciated. With Sweet Peach, I want to celebrate and support the artists of the South and share with others the varied shades and textures that make up its lovely and hospitable landscape. 

If you'd like to reach me directly, please email me here. 


SUBMISSIONS. Sweet Peach celebrates the artistry of the South. When I speak of the South, it encompasses 16 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West D.C. If you are an artist from one of these states and would like to be a part of Sweet Peach or have some pictures of your home, porch, window sill or a decor idea you'd like to share, please email me as I'd love to hear from you. As of now, new entries will be posted Monday through Friday at 8:00am EST. 

 VANESSA DINA, Sweet Peach Design. My dearest friend since grammar school, Vanessa is a wonderfully talented graphic designer with a knack for knowing (and making) good food. She is the Design Director for Chronicle Books, based in San Francisco. Some of my favorite books that she has designed are ‘Cupcakes!’ ‘Tartine’ and ‘Hip Sips’ as well as her own cookbook, “Meat Club, Girls Only.”

Vanessa lives in the Mission district and has a home that oozes creativity, thoughtfulness and nostalgia. You can see it featured here on Design Sponge. Her eye for detail and razor sharp design sensibility is impressive. Perhaps that’s why I’m that nagging friend always asking for favors- whether it’s to design my party invites, a new business card or my latest idea for a blog. I am so fortunate to say that over the many years of tedious to last minute requests, she has never turned me down.  

I love her design of Sweet Peach (she even thought of the name), and I feel so lucky to start work on my blog each day utilizing the template she has crafted with her hands, her heart, her selfless love and friendship. Somebody pinch me…