Change is gonna come...

It's winter, a season I am not fond of, at all. Living in the South, I crave sunshine and flip flops at all times. But, if I start to accept it, I know winter provides a time to hunker down and plant the seeds for change. I've blogged 5x a week on Sweet Peach for the past 4 1/2 years. The format has stayed the same and I'm subsequently in need of a big 'ol shake up. I'm currently working on a new logo, a new template, possibly a new online shop... a lot to think about, create, test, then unveil- or maybe end all together. I'm open to whatever the creative process will bring. I'm not sure how long it will take as I'm not even sure how to execute it all yet but I've set my intentions and we'll see what happens. I appreciate all the support over the years and hope to create a more updated, modern version of Sweet Peach that feels invigorated and more visually pleasing. My Instagram posts will continue, which may be the best way to learn when Sweet Peach is back up and running again or subscribe here to receive an email the morning of its completion, fingers crossed. Wish me luck...

If you have any suggestions for what I should do more, or less of, or a new idea all together for the website design or future blog posts, please email me here. I'd love to hear from you.


Image: Rinne Allen



Christmas Sangria...

I love a good cocktail recipe, especially a sangria. So when I saw this Christmas Sangria recipe by the young and talented Chef, Tieghan Girard of Half Baked Harvest, I realized it would be hard to find anything better. It's festive and beautiful, meant to be shared and savored. Perfect. 

To make this tasty, slightly sweet sangria for friends and family, just click here. As Tieghan shares, it's a "little white wine, a little ginger beer, a little apple cider, some brandy, a few pears, a few oranges and bunch of pomegranate arils." Original and delicious, try it at your next gathering. And happy holidays y'all...


Images:     Content: Sweet Peach 



Cookbooks of 2015

Cookbooks of any kind are great gifts around the holiday but they're also fun to gift ourselves as we have some extra time to spend in the kitchen- to experiment and play. My favorite cookbook this year is Hugh Acheson's The Broad Fork, where Hugh delves into the wide world of fruits and vegetables. I personally love all his pickling recipes but I'm excited to try his Roasted Chicken Thighs over Barley and Brussels Sprout Risotto this week. To find a cookbook to inspire you, here are some other standout releases from 2015...  


Nashville Eats. Learn to make their famous hot chicken or buttermilk biscuits- plus 100 more southern recipes. 

Pure Pork Awesomeness. From my neighborhood chef, Kevin Gillespie comes this book dedicated entirely to the pig. It's all so good, particularly the bacon recipes. 

Franklin Barbecue. It's a meat smoking and brisket cooking manifesto from the owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant. 

Root to Leaf. Atlanta chef, Steven Satterfield is one of my favorites and in this book he teaches us how to use the whole plant, from root to leaf. Delicious vegetables with a southern flair.


The Oxford Companion to Wine. The fourth edition of this popular book lives up to the hype. It covers every wine topic on the list with contributions from more than 180 experts. Great gift for the wine lover. 

The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual. One of the best cocktail bars in America now has a bar book. Lots of inventive recipes inside plus a peek inside the famed locale. 

The Old Fashioned. As a lover of bourbon, I'm a huge fan of The Old Fashioned cocktail. This book shares a history of the iconic drink, plus 50 variations to try. 

The Craft Cocktail Party. If you want to throw a party with a special craft cocktail, this book offers a bevy of tasty options. 

Hartwood. Tulum is one of my favorite spots in Mexico and I love how this book is about a NY based couple who left their restaurant jobs to build the place of their dreams on the edge of a jungle. Rustic, delicious recipes. 

Near & Far. Heidi Swanson shares dishes inspired from her home in Northern California as well as from her travels across the globe- from Tokyo and Paris to New Delhi and New Zealand.  

The Nordic Cookbook. I'm dreaming of visiting the Nordic countries, therefore I dream of this cookbook. Includes 700 authentically Nordic recipes collected by acclaimed chef, Magnus Nilsson. 

Mexico from the Inside Out. I had the pleasure of eating at the author's restaurant, Pujol, last year in Mexico City. It was easily in my top three dining experiences of all time so this book is on my must buy list. 

The Violet Bakery Cookbook. With a book cover this pretty, the recipes have to be delicious. And they are. From the famed London restaurant comes a baking book filled with the tastiest pastries, tarts and sweets. 


Theo Chocolate. This cover has me reaching for my credit card. If you love chocolate, you'll love this book of recipes from the famous Seattle chocolatier. 

Chocolate Chip Sweets. This book is all about chocolate chip recipes shared by world-renowned chefs and Jacques Torres, Daniel Boulud and Lidia Bastianich. 

Guittard Chocolate Cookbook. From the famed San Francisco chocolate company comes a book with 60 recipes you'll drool over, like fudgey Mocha cookies or Dark Chocolate, Caramel Pecan Bundt Cake. 

Scandinavian Baking. Scandinavia, you're on my to-do list. In the meantime, this baking book will quell my cravings as it's filled with delicious Danish recipes for pastries, cakes, cream buns and more. 



At Home during the Holiday...Read a Book

It's that time of year where I get on a plane and head north to be with family. There are many reasons I enjoy this time of year but one of my favorite parts is how I allow myself to have a lot of couch time and read a book. This Christmas, I'm all about Deep South, the latest by my favorite author, Paul Theroux. It's a non fictional account of his time spent in the South- from South Carolina to Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas, as he visits the same small towns throughout four seasons. As I look forward to delving into Paul's latest travels, I asked my friend Nan Myers of Thomasville, Georgia what her favorite books have been this year. If you ever had the pleasure of visiting her lovely shop, Firefly, you already know she always has a stellar book selection. Here are her favorites of 2015... Thank you Nan, they're all so good! 

Eat by Nigel Slater; Habitat by Lauren Liess; Once in a Lifetime by Gestalten Books; Do Unto Animals by Tracey Stewart; The Shopkeepers by Gestalten Books; Winter Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacasa; The Monocle Guide to Better Living, Good Business, Cosy Homes; Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta; A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote; The Night Before Christmas by Roger Duvoisin; Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark; Holly Hobbie's The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore. 


Paul Theroux image: Elizabeth Cecil for the Wall Street Journal    Content: Sweet Peach



Stocking Stuffers...

We're reaching the final hour as far as Christmas shopping is concerned. Often, the stockings are the last thought, but to me, stockings are the most fun to fill. Here are some ideas you can buy wherever you live. For manly things, grab some beard oil, cologne, pocket squares or ties at your local men's shop. And bar items are always a hit. I personally love these bourbon cocktail cherries by Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Treats are another quick and easy stocking stuffer. I'm a bit obsessed with these Duck Fat Caramels and Champagne filled Bubbles... Always support your local chocolate maker and if you gift this Santa Salt by Beautiful Briny Sea, you will be appreciated. 

We all love bath and body products. Kiss My Grits lip scrub is one of my favorite finds this year, as is Lip2Cheek which I've been an avid fan of ever since I spied it at Fig & Flower in Atlanta. Soap! Everyone loves good smelling soap and it's everywhere. For something different, try this loofah soap by Revive Bath + Body. Organic skincare is important so I encourage you to buy HollyBeth Organics, one of a handful of artisans in the US whose entire line is USDA organic. Her face and neck elixir is my only skincare must have. And jewelry is one of the best gifts to receive. These options come via Asha Patel, Melting Sun Apparel, Form & Function and Luna Litka. 

Your local bookstore or stationery shop has endless options for stocking stuffers. I'll always love to receive a pack of playing cards (especially ones as pretty as these by Karla Pruitt), or a set of everyday notecards, like the Flower Pow cards by Dallas artist, Rob Wilson...then there's always washi tape, pom pom keychains or a rolled up art print, like this one via Old Try. And small and stylish notebooks will be a hit, these via The Small Object, Rifle Paper and A Sensible Habit. 

And then of course, are the no fail stocking stuffers. These are gifts everyone should love, like lottery tickets, gift cards, mini liquor bottles or just cold hard cash. I know many of us would love a candle or an on-the-go iPhone charger. And a puppy. Everyone loves a puppy. 



Holiday Peach Picks: Nan Myers

The best benefit of having this Southern design blog are the people I meet. I have made many friends over the last four and a half years through Sweet Peach that I will cherish for a lifetime. Like Nan Myers of Thomasville, Georgia. Owner of Firefly, one of my favorite shops, Nan is as cool and unassuming and wonderful as they come. An eye for great design, she thrives on travel and adventure and loves to be outdoors surrounded (and inspired) by mother are just as likely to find her at her lovely shop as you are in the corner of a restaurant reading a good book. She's a true champion of the South who can organize stunning Southern supper clubs or design and plan a jaw dropping, beautiful wedding, like this one, featured in Garden & Gun. I do this blog because of the artists that continue to inspire me. So here are Nan's Holiday Peach Picks that will most certainly inspire you...

1. Unicorn Horn, $20. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn. This horn is 5" tall and 1.5" wide at the base. A thin elastic headband is sewn onto the base of the horn which is perfect for the very active unicorn. It is super cute and guaranteed to turns heads as you trot down the street. 

2. Lovelane Capes, Crowns, Hats and Cuffs, from $24. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Lovelane! We are smitten with these adorable Super Hero accessories created in Savannah, Georgia by Lane Huerta. I've been known to rock the tiger cuffs during shop hours. They make me wrap better :) 

3. Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears, $20. I remember vividly when my sister, who was 13 at the time, came back from visiting friends in Germany. She brought back Lacoste sweat bands, metallic blue heart shaped sunglasses, a record of some fabulous, strange band called The Police (Zenyatta Mondatta) and gummy bears. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I still love gummy bears and to find these, made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne?! How fun is that? We are carrying a range of Sugarfina's products as we think the whole line is pretty darn sweet. 

4. Plumdog, $16.99. This book by Emma Chichester Clark makes me want to move to London so that my Bleu girl (black lab) can be BFF's with Plum. This is a collection of Plum and Emma's daily doings told through Plum's eyes and Emma's charming illustrations. I had to limit how much I would read each night, which was an extreme exercise in willpower. 

5. Betsy Olmsted's tea towels, $26. These tea towels are the perfect gift for the hostess, a friend or for yourself! Printed to look hand painted, Betsy Olmsted's textiles start from her original watercolor and gouache designs. Printed and finished in the USA. 

6. Antler Slice earrings, $86. Artist, Megan Proctor, who is originally from my neck of the woods, now resides in Charleston, South Carolina. She creates nature inspired jewelry kicked up a handsome notch or two. Her pieces are stunning and so easy to wear. These antler sliced earrings are just a teaser of her beautiful line. 

7. Wood necklace, $46. I love the simplistic nature inspired pieces created by Georgia artist, Courtney Weil. Her jewelry is a winner winner chicken dinner with my teens. 

8. We Took to the Woods Candle, from $42. I met Mary and her family this summer at the Atlanta AmericasMart and later visited their lovely store in Greenville, South Carolina on my way to the mountains. I love their genuine Americana style and they are as nice as the day is long. Enclosed in tartan containers with wonderful scent options, these candles are a perfect fit for Firefly. We immediately sold out of our exclusive "Walk in the Piney Woods" and Three Wood Shirts, pictured here, is also a personal favorite. 

9. Scottish Wool Carpet bags, from $118. I am a Scot-Irish 6th generation T'villian who loves some tartan. Needless to say, I was thrilled to find these Scottish wool carpet bags. We have a nice assortment at our brick and mortar store so call and we will be glad to text you some options. We stock them in both medium and large. 

10. Porcupine necklace, $15. Another beauty by Courtney Weil...every necklace is a genuine porcupine spike collected at a local farm, as the quills naturally fall off on their own. 


Illustration: Sarah Neuburger, The Small Object 


Holiday Peach Picks: Rob Wilson

One of my favorite things about Instagram is being able to get a sneak peak into the lives of artists I designer and illustrator, Rob Wilson of Dallas, Texas. He draws the most ingenious and aesthetically pleasing things and as his style feels a bit mid century and Scandinavian to me, I love him all the more. If you follow Rob, you know he has a cute dog, Maisie, who is often featured in his Instagram posts. So when I asked Rob to share his Peach Picks for this season, he happily did so. And happily for the rest of us, his picks are....

all about dogs. 

1. Hair of the Dog Flask, $24. What can I say? It's the holidays and we all need extra gulps of Christmas cheer. 

2. Chewed, $25. My dog Maisie and I have mourned many chewed up toys and this book reminds me of many of them. 

3. White Dog sweatshirt, $145. Designer Nicole Musselman's sly wit shines through in this bold, stylish sweater. 

4. Eleonor Bostrom ceramics, from $24. We are 1976 is one of my favorite stores in Dallas- you never know what owners Vynsie, Julie and Derek have found on their world travels. These quirky ceramic dogs from Eleonor Bostrom in Sweden caught my attention. They're almost like two dimensional scribbles come to life. (available in store only at We are 1976

5. Throne Dogs print, from $150. Juliette Borda is one of my favorite illustrators. I see her charming work regularly in the New York Times Style section. 

6. Dog luggage, $40. I definitely would've wanted this as a kid. Instead, I had a giant and furry cat head overnight bag. 

7. Letterpress card, $5. The handsome craftsmanship of this letterpress stationery, all made in Dallas, is a signature of designer, Lily Smith + Kirkley.  

8. Maison de Pawz dog treats, from $5. These dog treats are lovingly made in New York. And they have the cutest mascot, Tyler, whose adventures I follow on Instagram. 

9. Pets Behaving Badly prints, $150. I recently created this boxed set of 10 risograph prints called "Pets Behaving Badly" for Erin Cluley's gallery. It's a limited edition of 50 sets, printed by Constance Studio in New Orleans. The mixed media illustrations are drawn from my personal experiences of having cats and dogs. (I won't tell you the outcome of the cat meeting my parakeet) 



Revive Your Bath

These days, I feel like handcrafted soap is as plentiful as candles are. With so much to choose from, you never quite know which new products to try. Well I tried Revive Your Bath soaps and now I'm an avid fan...and customer. As these products make excellent stocking stuffers this holiday, I thought it would be a good time to share. 

Caitlin Abshier is an entrepreneur at heart, as she started this business when she was still in high school. Her mom had given her a soap making kit for Christmas and as fate would have it, she found her passion. She continued to cultivate her craft and grow her business in college, selling soaps and bath products at local markets on the weekends. She graduated without any student debt and with that kind of determination, who knows what's in store for her next. Hard work pays off. 

Of all the products I tried of Caitlin's, I'm partial to the loofah soap. I absolutely love this soap, which has an actual section of a loofah embedded. It's an excellent exfoliater, and paired with Caitlin's soaps, which are made from vegetable based oils without any harmful chemicals, preservatives, parabens or synthetics, it's a quick favorite in any tub. 

As the holidays are coming up, Caitlin is offering some great gift sets. The Soap Slice Gift Set is a mix of 4 different scented soaps so you can figure out your favorite- which may likely be the popular Peppermint Rosemary and Lemon or Vanilla and Lavender. Plus, I just discovered on her site that she sells Soap Misfits from $3-$4.60 each- which are soaps that are perfectly fine but may not be aesthetically ready for prime time. I'm all over that... 

When I visited their office and workspace in Atlanta, Cara Causey of Revive was there making a fresh batch of their Lavender Milk and Oatmeal Bath Soak. This soak is meant to soothe as it's made with buttermilk powder, colloidal oatmeal, lavender and lavender essential oil. As it's a somewhat chilly night right now in Atlanta as I write this, and I've worked the past two weeks without a day off, I'm wishing I had some of this right about now...

I really can't say enough good things about the Revive brand. I have a few new soaps stacked in my bathroom right now, at the ready, but as each bar can last up to a month, I know they'll each have to wait their turn. Click here to peruse the shop and my recommendation- try the loofah soap for your stocking stuffer gifts. The best! 


Images:, Sweet Peach    Content: Sweet Peach 



Holiday Peach Picks: Sara Lee Parker

If you're a close friend of mine, you know I have a thing for tea towels. Which means, I have a thing for Sara Lee Parker. Her hand-printed textiles, made from organic cotton and hemp fabrics, are some of my all time favorites. They have beautiful patterns with a quirky energy that I love. So how could I not ask her what her favorite gift picks are for this year? It was a no brainer, and there are a couple gifts here that I've already bookmarked to get for some lucky family members. Her list will help make your shopping a wee bit easier...thank you Sara! 

1. Putford scissors, $12. For the crafter who covets nice looking tools. 

2. Molly Hatch mug, $18. I'm collecting everything Molly Hatch and this one is going on my wish list. 

3. Cottage Garden calendar, $14. This cute little calendar would be a sweet gift for my business friends. 

4. Tugboat Printshop Daisy Bouquet print, $150. I've been coveting this print for almost a year! Tugboat is a husband and wife team from Pittsburg making beautiful hand cut, woodblock prints. 

5. Blabla Apple doll, $44. Our local Treehouse Kid & Craft carries the best gifts for the littles in our lives. I love this Blabla doll for my niece. 

6. Kimone Rose perfume, $19. This scent is so lovely, I can't imagine anyone not loving it! 

7. Gold Fish pocket knife, $22. I love giving pocket knives! They make great presents for your handy woman friend. 

8. Mana In Our Foods, $7. Alyssa makes the BEST pre packaged meals from local ingredients...a wholesome meal for my foodie brother.

9. Xenia Taler art tile, $28. I'm a huge fan of Xenia Taler's art tile and I'd love to gift this to a friend. 

10. Diana Sudyka art print, $30. Beautiful art by Diana Sudyka, this print would make a wonderful gift to a lucky someone. 

11. Maria Dondero blue flower mug, $40. My mom would love this mug! 


Illustration: Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object



Holiday Peach Picks: Brandy Schuman

Brandy Schuman of A Sensible Habit is one of those artist's with many tales to tell. She appears to come out with a new and unsuspecting product every month and I'm always impressed with her ever expanding options of pretty housewares, stationery and accessories. I love her aesthetic, so of course I wanted to see what was on her gift list this year. Thank you for these stellar selections Brandy...

1. The 52 Lists Project, $16.95. A perfect gift for ringing in 2016. Moorea Seals' newest release is a weekly journaling book that includes list prompts and challenges to help you take action and make your dreams a reality. I'm picking this up for myself and some of my other business minded lady friends. 

2. Atlanta Pennant, $25. A gift for repping your ATL pride. 

3. Swell bottles, from $25. I love my Swell bottles and they have tons of fun colors and patterns to choose from. It keeps liquids warm for 12 hours and cold for 24. Even better, the jumbo size holds an entire bottle of wine...and speaking of which, I go to 3 Parks where my pal Sarah always steers me in the right direction for that perfect bottle of wine or bubbly. 

4. Glow in the dark pillowcase set, $50. These glow in the dark hand printed pillowcases from Grandiflora Textiles are stylish and fun at any age. 

5. Serving board, from $32. Star Provisions in Atlanta has some wonderful wooden serving boards for under $50. I have a round one and a large rectangular one that I love. They are great for serving food and snacks, then hanging on the wall when not in use. It's the perfect hostess gift for the right person. 

6. Blabla knit dolls, from $44. Blabla dolls are the best and are my go-to baby gift. Beauregard is my current favorite with his boots and red sash. 

7. Private Parts bath mat, $60. I like to have a few things around the house that weird out my boyfriend and make me laugh. 

8. Aesop, from $10. I'm a big fan of Aesop's hand soaps and lotion. Someone nearby almost always comments on how good it smells as soon as I use it. 

9. WKNDLA Wall Hanging, $150. I admire Cindy Hsu Zell's minimalist pieces and the way she mixes materials. I hope to get my hands on one of her wall hangings soon...

10. Blockshop Textiles indigo scarf, $120. I love these beautiful scarves that also make great wall hangings, as they are extra long. 

11. Lapel pins, $8. Adam J Kurtz has lots of hilarious things that you could give to the right person. This guy really cracks me up. 

12. Contour key ring, $16. This is my fave key ring because it easily slips on your wrist. The great price makes it the perfect little gift for a friend or a stocking stuffer. 

13. Bronze coffee scoop, $75. I use a little wooden spoon with my morning coffee but these bronze coffee scoops would make my AM coffee making ritual real pretty.  

14. Gifts for the pup, from $9.50. We can't forget the pups! My personal favorites are a new leash from Found My Animal, a leather collar from Woodlark, or rope toys from Jax and Bones- which my dog, Hendrix, loves to chew to pieces. 

15. Classes and Workshops, from $30. The gift of experience! Last year, after my boyfriend gifted me a month of classes at Mudfire, I started making ceramics and it's been one of the best gifts yet. Preserving Place in Atlanta also has workshops and classes for those interested in canning or cooking. 


illustration: Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object